Art History and Knitting: Marc Chagall

In Stories In Stitches 3, I tried a new experiment. I included a bit of art history! One of the projects, the Flying Fish Knee High Socks, were inspired by a pair of socks made in Belarus in the early 20th century, with colors inspired by the artwork of Marc Chagall, an artist who was born.. read more →

1000 paper cranes

On the packaging for Stories In Stitches 3, I stamped a crane and the word “Peace” in Japanese. If you ordered one of the limited edition copies, you’ll find an envelope tucked in your book with origami paper and an origami crane. This is my wish for peace in the world. The crane is sacred in Japan.. read more →

What is “wool banking”?

Something I seldom do–I have removed my knitter/designer/historian hat and donned my American Sheep IndustryCertified Wool Classer and consumer educator hat. —Ava Coleman WOOL BANKING, in one form or another, has been in existence for centuries. What many knitters perhaps fail to realize is that wool is a farm commodity. Just like corn, wheat  and.. read more →

War is Hell. That’s how I really feel.

I received this comment the other day, in response to the post “What do military helmets have to do with knitting?“: this edition is too military for me…  I wanted to buy it but I am not a USA patriot and I dislike these military themes… I think we should try to live in peace and not.. read more →

What do military helmets have to do with knitting?

What do military helmets have to do with knitting, travel, and catching snowflakes on your tongue? Find out in Stories In Stitches 3. I don’t believe that the universe conspires to help you when you make up your mind to do something. I don’t believe that coincidences have any meaning. I don’t believe in signs.. read more →

WW2 Sock Knitting Tips

DON’TS FOR THE KNITTERS OF SOCKS, courtesy of SUNLIGHT YARNS 1. Don’t cast on tightly. An otherwisle well-knitted sock may become useless by a tight cord at the top. 2. Don’t knot your wool. Join it by splicinmg the ends or leave 2-3 inches on each end and darn back carefully. A man may not.. read more →

Toy Knitting in WWII

A guest post by Rohn Strong Toy knitting is a tried and true tradition most knitters have experienced at least once in their career. I adore knitting toys. Ok, not really. The knitting can be fiddly. I mean, who wants to knit eight stitches in the round on double pointed needles for 12 inches just.. read more →

What does Marc Chagall have to do with knitting?

What does Socks that Rock yarn have in common with flying fish and Marc Chagall paintings? I combined all three influences into one pair of socks. I think this is the most interesting and unusual project I’ve ever designed. While the socks themselves have interesting shaping and a fun heel, it’s the sources of inspiration.. read more →

Stories In Stitches 3 Pre-Orders are ON NOW!

Does your family have secrets? What about knitting stories? How much of each of our stories can be discovered through knitting? Even the way you hold the yarn and needles may reveal mysteries about your heritage! In Stories In Stitches book 3, Ava and I will be telling you about our ancestry and how knitting is so.. read more →

Knitting a in WWII POW Camp

This is based on one of my first articles for Piecework magazine. I thought about putting it into Stories In Stitches 3, but decided to keep my stories focused on my own family history. But this story is too amazing not to share again, so here it is. Knitting with Pot Handles Isn’t for Sissies Add.. read more →