From here I see…

@THISISVT: Okay, here’s a good one: how does living in #Vermont make you a better person? I’m calmer. More appreciative. You? #VT What I like best here — so far, since I’ve only been her for two months — is that there is no showing off, no keeping up with the Joneses. I’m free to.. read more →

Dreaming of Alaska

Today, I’m planning a couple of surprise bonuses for the Arctic Lace Luxury Yarn Club members! One will be something hand made in Alaska from the Quilted Raven yarn & fabric shop in Anchorage. If you’ve never been there, you don’t know what you’re missing. But you can see a lot on their website. Sensational.. read more →

A sneak peek at the Arctic Lace Luxury Yarn Club

Want a sneak peek at what my Arctic Lace Yarn Club members just received in the mail? I’ll give you a few hints. Yummy, fuzzy buffalo yarn…sparkly blueberry stitch markers in a pretty little organza bag…my Arctic Lace DVD… What’s next? How about gorgeous patterns written for the most fabulous yarns available. Postcards from my.. read more →

California Revival Knits

or I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date Yesterday morning, driving through the Vermont countryside, I completely forgot that it was my day to post a review of California Revival Knits by Stephannie Tallent, AKA @StephCat on Twitter. I was tempted to toss off a quick review on my iPad and upload it from the airport,.. read more →

Leaving for knit cruise

It is time to leave. Craft cruises is doing an excellent job. Weather right now is thunderstorm. 🙁 read more →

Portrait of a Knitter with Donna Druchunas

An interview I did recently. Eddie: Why knitting? Donna: I particularly like the portability, and the ability to explore so much creativity in such small projects. The fact that I learned to knit as a little girl also makes me slightly sentimental about knitting. I am primarily interested in historical and traditional knitting techniques and.. read more →

Lithuanian tourism

This was just posted on Youtube to promote Lithuanain tourism. If you go, check out these interesting places. Video is in English. read more →

Over 10,000 miles!

As you know from last year’s posts on this blog, we traveled to a lot of places in 2010. We clocked over 10,000 miles and maybe over 15,000 miles but we were not keeping track. Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, New York, and hopping around Europe every three weeks for 4 months. That being said, we like.. read more →

Knitting in Rome.

Knitting in Rome. Very much enjoying being at home looking at photos and remembering good times, missing friends, dreaming of all the beautiful experiences we had. Yeah, had a glass of wine. It makes me sentimental. read more →

Travel knitting supplies part 2:

Travel knitting supplies part 2: The stash is not so portable. Would not bring yarn on a future trip, even if working in a book. It’s better to buy on the road. I brought Shetland wool from America to Scotland this year. How stupid was that?! read more →