Serendipity: A Poem

Serendipity: I wouldn’t have bought The Writer’s Chronicle magazine to read “Je Suis Ein Americano: The Genius of American Diction” if I hadn’t: Come to North Carolina to visit my sister, stayed at Comfort Inn in Raleigh to teach at Great Yarns, gone to Barnes and Noble to get a cup of coffee, spotted Beatrix Potter’s Gardening.. read more →

Fickle Internet

A while back I saved these images from Pinterest and the Metropolitan Museum of Art website: When I went back to the site last week to learn more about this amazing apron, I got a 404 “page not found” error on the museum website. So for now, all I know is what is shown on.. read more →

TNNA Report

I’d like to share a success report: I just got back from a weekend traveling to San Diego to promote  Stories In Stitches™ at the winter TNNA show.   Ava and I had two shawls in the fashion show on the Friday night, and they stole the show. We were giddy listening to the oohs and.. read more →

History and Knitting: Rohn Strong shares my two loves!

My friend Rohn Strong has written a book about knitting in WWI and WWII. The book includes historical essays, personal stories, and 19 gorgeous patterns. Here Rohn and I talk about the book, knitting, and history (what else!). Enjoy. read more →

Stories in Stitches Book 2

A new knitting book series by Donna Druchunas and Ava Coleman. Travel the world with knitting. read more →

Random thoughts

I am taking the day off. I am sitting on the couch with the windows open drinking coffee and, basically, doing nothing but thinking. So I figure, why not capture some thoughts and see what happens? What’s on my mind is the phrase “beautifully decrepit” that I mentioned in another recent post. I’m thinking about.. read more →

Travel the World of Knitting App by Donna Druchunas

This ground-breaking app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch brings together a wide range of designs by Donna Druchunas based on her travels and historical research. These favorite patterns are pulled from her published books with some previously only available in paper form, as well as some original patterns never-before-released. The patterns are inspired by her travels around the globe investigating local knitting techniques and researching the history of knitting. read more →

I live in a snow globe,

and I love it! Yes, it took me twice as long as normal to get home from my manicure, yes I was driving 45mph on the interstate, yes I skidded a little, yes I have to wear fur-lined boots to keep my feet warm. And, yes, I love all of that!   Tomorrow I am leaving.. read more →

Back to Blogging?

I keep hoping to get back to blogging. I’m going to try two things next month: First, I’ve signed up for a month-long Free Write Fling with my friend and coach Cynthia Morris, where I will spend 15 minutes going gangbusters writing every day in March. I usually do this in my notebook but for.. read more →

At the beginning…

At the beginning. That’s where I am once again. At the beginning one requires field guides, without which one is wandering aimlessly, blind and ignorant. There is a bit one can learn merely from observing the newness, and this in itself is not bad. But to go deeper, to find out how one’s own ideas.. read more →