Traveling the world to learn about knitting.


Alaska on my Mind

I just got back from another trip to Alaska, my sixth. This time I spent a wonderful weekend teaching at the Seaside Yarns’ Mermaid Retreat. Here are a few thoughts from my journal. There is no time in Alaska. There are only seasons — darkness for winter, light for summer. The cycle of life is […]


Knitting Books for the World

I’m reading two books right now: The Porcelain Thief: Searching the Middle Kingdom for Buried China by Huan Hsu In the Footsteps of Sheep: Tales of a Journey Through Scotland, Walking, Spinning, and Knitting Socks by Debbie Zawinski I have two trains of thought to post about. First, the former book is about porcelain and the history […]


Vintage Shetland: A Fabulous Project

Whatever you pay attention to is what you will notice. I pay attention to knitting, history, travel, and writing. And that leads me to notice many interesting people. Sometimes I find them through intentional searches, and sometimes I just stumble upon them. I don’t remember exactly how I met Susan Crawford, but a few years […]


Not about knitting

I’ve been not writing. This is not good. I have so much to say and I forget that it only gets said if I put the words onto the page. I love writing in notebooks but that material so often doesn’t get into the computer. I wonder if I should just write on the keyboard. […]


2 days till Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions launch!

In my next book, Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions, you can journey with me and my co-author June Hall around the country of Lithuania and learn about all of the fun and fascinating traditions and techniques that we discovered during our travels. June has been visiting Lithuania for over a decade, and I made my first trip there in […]


Countdown to Lithuanian Knitting: The Original Plan

It’s 2015 and the Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions book is almost finished. We finished the writing last year, but that is still 5 years after I wrote this post when I was planning a retreat with my co-author June Hall in England, followed by an extra two weeks in Lithuania for writing and extra research. It’s […]