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Test from Nida

Just testing a new blogging app on my iPhone. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Location:Lotmiškio gatvė,Neringa municipality,Lithuania


Getting things done?

Sometimes I feel like time is passing by and I am not getting anything done. Yes, I know I am on the trip of a lifetime and I need to just enjoy the experience. But I also have a day job and a book to finish and I planned for this to be a long […]


The Traveller’s Wardrobe

The other day on Facebook, I asked, “What few pieces can I add to my one-carry-on-bag wardrobe to convert from summer to autumn?” Then I remembered a journal entry I made in June, and I realized that I prepared my travel wardrobe for summer and autumn, and I’ve already been through some chilly stretches in […]


Random Ramblings

It’s odd feeling so much at home in a place that is so far away from home. “It’s because you’ve been here so many time already,” Dom said to me this afternoon. But I don’t think that’s it. I’ve been to England as many times, and it seems much more foreign to me. It’s not […]


Mid-summer check in

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve been enjoying the Summer of Lace posts! I know I immensely enjoyed working with all of the creative designers who contributed to Successful Lace Knitting, and I wanted to share a bit of that collaborative experience with you in this series of posts. There are a few more remaining in […]