Free Pattern: Resistance Hat

Resist Hat Resist racism, resist xenophobia, resist sexism, resist hate of all kinds. Wear this hat to proclaim that we are the resistance! The diagonal motif is based on the American symbol for a resistor in electronics. This can go in the St st portion of Pussyhats … or you can make a plain hat with.. read more →

Singing (and Knitting) as a Political Act

This week I’ve been thinking about diversity, xenophobia, empire, nationalism, genealogy, and family history. How can we embrace each other even though we are different? How can we all be Americans and work together to make a better world for the future? How can we embrace our pasts, live with love in the present, and plan.. read more →

Getting ready for 2017

Here are some ideas for how to prepare for activism against Trump next year. I’ll be posting specific things we can do with our crafts and with our voices on my blog, too. But this is a good starting point of things to think about and get ready. Preparing for The Orange One in the.. read more →

Lost In Translation

What do knitting charts, Japanese, the King James Bible, computers, and physics have in common? Please indulge me. I have been thinking about this so much. I am a liberal, socialist, atheist. When I was in school, science and math were my favorite subjects. But I was raised as an evangelical Christian, and followed that.. read more →

Fear the Bear

I’ve been visited recently by a houseguest I haven’t heard from since the 1970s, when I lived on Long Island and slept in my childhood bedroom. On summer nights when the windows were open, I would lie awake and imagine I heard Soviet troops marching up the hill from the harbor to our town. In.. read more →

Think Globally, Act Locally

This is a letter is to my American followers, and to my fellow Vermonters. Think Globally, Act Locally. That’s an old saying, but it applies today as much as ever. In my past several posts I’ve written about things I’m planning to do, and what I hope I can inspire some of you to do–on.. read more →

Pussyhats March on Washington & Trump Tower

On January 21st, thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe even a million women and men are going to march on Washington, Trump Tower in NYC, and in many other cities all around the United States. (If you don’t already know why, you can read more about it here.) The Pussyhat Project Many of us are getting ready.. read more →

One Way Ticket

I’m doing a little writing class this month and writing to the prompts on top of paintings in my sketchbook. Here is today’s mini essay. My great grandparents came to the USA on one way tickets. Europe to America, never to return. Running from pogroms and Russification, they left Belarus, Lithuania, and Ukraine. Perhaps being.. read more →

Charting my New Course

I’ve joined a new writing group, the Writing Den, and I’m using this group to help me focus my work and be more consistent with blogging and sharing my writing. I write a lot in my paper journals, and I end up leaving the words in sloppy handwriting inside the pages instead of polishing them.. read more →

A Change of Course

Every once in a while, I change course. Sometimes it’s in a big way. Sometimes it’s in a small way. This year is in between.  I’m changing a few things but I hope it will make a big impact. Don’t worry! I’ll still be releasing patterns and ebooks, teaching and holding retreats, and offering you deals.. read more →