Knitting and Writing to Make a Difference

Today, Joanne Seiff, author of Fiber Gathering and  Knit Green, talks about her newest book, From the Outside In, and on how each of us can make a difference: Thank you, Donna, for inviting me to post!  I’m thrilled to be here. Did you ever think about how best you can make a difference in.. read more →

Free Ebook: Knitting as a Political Act

Just in time for anti-inauguration day, here’s my new free ebook, Knitting as a Political Act. It includes four of my polictially-motivated patterns, but It’s not just a pattern ebook, but a collection of ideas, tips, and activities you can use in your life to protest injustice and work for causes you believe in. People knit for.. read more →

Walk a mile in their socks…

To understand another person, it is said, you must walk a mile in their shoes. Well, what goes inside shoes if not socks? Knitters must take this to heart, and every time we knit a pair of socks to warm our toes, we should take the opportunity to learn about the stitches, patterns, and techniques we use. And.. read more →

Our Hearts are Broken

A note to readers who don’t understand the outrage against Trump or think that those of us who voted for Hillary are sore losers. That’s not it. Yes, we are angry. But that is really a cover up for our broken hearts. We are crying. We are in pain. We are full of sorrow. We are.. read more →

Knitter’s First 100 Day Resistance Agenda

I am adapting Robert Reich’s First 100 Day RESISTANCE Agenda for knitters. Please Share Trump’s First 100 Day agenda includes repealing environmental regulations, Obamacare, and the Dodd-Frank Act, giving the rich a huge tax cut, and much worse. Here’s the First 100 Day resistance agenda: 1.  Get Democrats in the Congress and across the country to pledge.. read more →

Writing (and Knitting) as a Political Act

Are you a knitting or crochet writer/author/blogger? Here’s an action for January 15. Have you all heard about the Writers Resist meetings on January 15? There are over 75 events around the US and even in a few other countries. I have an idea for those of us who can’t attend the meetings mentioned below. “Our democracy.. read more →

Printable Protest Posters

Here are some printable posters you can use for marching. Click each image to get a PDF of that poster or click here to download one big PDF with all of them. UPDATE: Here are two new ones. If you download the big PDF now, it contains the new ones. read more →

Spreading the Word Ideas!

Hey, I am featured on the Pussyhat Project website! Whether you can make a hat, wear a hat, or help in another way, this post has great ideas for spreading the word about the pussyhats, women’s rights, and the January 21st marches. VERMONTERS: Does anyone want to come have a last-minute Pussyhat Knitting Party at.. read more →


No, that’s not a typo. It’s a get together for 200 knitters in Lexington, Massachusetts. But don’t stop reading if you don’t live there! Knit200Together: Knitting Together a Divided America The stresses of the 2016 US presidential election brought to light the polarization that exists within and between our communities. Wars of hurtful and hateful memes.. read more →

Small Actions to make a Big Difference

Remember, we can knit as a political act, but we can’t let our knitting take the place of more traditional activism. Sign up to get one text a day and commit to calling your representatives daily. It takes less than 2 minutes a day. If enough of us take this small action, we can be.. read more →