Knitting can be a Political Act
Politics & Knitting… you may not like it, but politics is part of your daily life.

Resistance Update 5/28/17

There won’t be a Resistance Update next week because I’ll be teaching at the Vermont Summer Knitting Retreat. What Happened I don’t have the stomach to really go into detail this week. Let me just say that 1) Donald Trump was an embarrassment to our country on his first overseas trip as president. And 2) more […]

Resistance Update 5/21/17

What happened It’s all about Russia. This was another crazy week in the alternate universe we woke up to on Nov 9, 2016. Here are a few low-lights (gleaned from the News and Guts page on Facebook, where it took a lot of scrolling to get all the way back to last weekend!): May 15: […]

Start your own Yarn Biz with Lori at L Knits

This year we journey together to explore our knitting roots and learn more about knitters and designers of many different backgrounds. As part of this project, I’ve created a series of guest posts to introduce you to designers who are women of color. In this post, the fourth post in the series, we meet Lori from L Knits, who tells us […]

Resistance Update 5/13/17

What happened? There are two major issues I want to point out this week: 1. RUSSIA Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey Trump and team lied about why Comey was fired (hint: it was RUSSIA) Sean Spicer hid in the bushes so he wouldn’t have to answer questions about this Melissa McCarthy was “spotted rolling through […]

My New Resistance Comic

How to Smash the Patriarchy: A Guide for Fat Old Ladies and Their Friends I’ve started a new resistance comic about my activism, craftivism, and knitting as a political act. It’s going to be in a Facebook photo album but it’s public and anyone can view it.