Resistance Update 3/27/17

What Happened Trumpcare failed! This is a big one. We WON, and it’s because of all of your hard work making calls, going to town meetings, and being LOUD! Thank you. Of course that doesn’t mean we’re on easy street now. But it shows that our activism really does make a difference. What You Can Do Next Russia, Russia, Russia!.. read more →

Resistance Update 3/19/17

What happened? Reports are coming in from all over the place. Our calls, letters, and town meetings are starting to work. Keep up the good work and don’t be discouraged! Trump released his budget, and he wants to cut everything that actually does make America great. (Robert Reich doesn’t think it’ll get anywhere, and below I’ve got links.. read more →

Are Immigrants Welcome?

I’m reading Imagine a Forest, a how-to art book by artist Dinara Mirtalipova. Dinara studied computer science and cybernetics in Uzbekistan. But when she came to the USA, she worked cleaning toilets and later doing mundane office work. It was years before she was able to develop and use her artistic skills to work on projects.. read more →

Hoping against Hope

I am swiping the text below from Rebecca Solnit’s Facebook page, but I’m sure she won’t mind. Please read the whole article on the Guardian. It’s long but well worth your time. From Rebecca Solnit: I wrote this for you. (It began at the Snowden/Ellsberg talk last month. With Gavin Browning‘s beautiful work on housing for HIV+.. read more →

Resistance Update 3/11/17

What happened? Every day is a new shitstorm of news and lies. Remember, this is not normal. (It’s also not necessarily brand new.) I’m going to skip gathering up stories this week. Make sure you are following at least one of these sources: Teen Vogue (Twitter @TeenVogue) Robert Reich (Facebook) Rebecca Solnit (Facebook) Rachel Maddow Subscribe.. read more →

Do Good + Win a Qiviut Cowl

I’m working with a new friend, Annie Wenstrup, to raise money for International Rescue Committee, an organization that supports refugees from Syria. Annie’s knit this beautiful qiviut cowl that will go to one of  you who donate to the IRC in March. To enter to win the cowl, just make your donation here, via this Crowdwise donation page that we’ve put.. read more →

Immigrants and Assimilation

Have you joined Our Knitting Roots book club yet? You can sign up for email updates (2x a month), or follow along in my Ravelry group, or in a private Facebook group. We’re discussing House of Stone by Anthony Shadid. Here’s one of the discussion topics: Do immigrants assimilate? One of the reasons given by.. read more →

Resistance Update 3/3/17

What happened? It’s been a boring week. OK, so I’m not fooling anyone. Here’s the news: A Pussyhat was spotted at the V&A museum in London and featured on the Knitty Blog. Russia, Russia, Russia. Nope, that story is not going away. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was caught lying in his confirmation hearings when he said he had.. read more →

March Book Club Schedule

We start our first bookclub discussions tomorrow! I’m going to start with House of Stone because it is still in print and available as an ebook and audio book and I think everyone has been able to get a copy, or can get one instantly.   This is all new to me, so please be.. read more →

Resistance Update 2/25/17

What Happened? The good: Pussyhats are everywhere, most excitingly to me, on the runway at Milan Fashion Week. Missoni staged a mini Women’s march. All of the models wore pussyhats in their final parade. And everyone in the audience was given a pussyhat, and they stormed the runway wearing them at the end of the show… read more →

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