Knitting can be a Political Act
Politics & Knitting… you may not like it, but politics is part of your daily life.


In the Shadow

I decided to shadow knit a disappearing 8′ * 3.5′ image of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Five hundred hours of charting and knitting and around 2,000yds of yarn.


Resistance Update, 8/16/2017

I am not sure where to start. I don’t have a detailed update for you this week, but I hope to dive into those again starting in September. I was in Lithuania for most of July and home again in August, resting, working, visiting with family, resisting, and trying to keep up with the chaos […]


Our Sisters’ Keepers

This has nothing to do with knitting. I’m attending a Black Lives Matter event, “My Sister’s Keeper Women’s Conference,” at the end of August and was inspired to help with some fundraising. They’re looking for sponsors and also people to donate for scholarships for women of color to attend. I thought maybe you’d be interested […]


How do you deal with the overwhelm?

It’s hard to remember that we are in this for the long haul. I just want it all to be over and everything to be roses. The reason I have hated politics for most of my life is that it pisses me off so much. I have never been good and having balanced or steady […]


Resistance Update 6/23/17

What happened? I’m going to be blogging less for a while. I’m leaving next weekend for Lithuania and I’ll be gone for three weeks. After that, I’ll be sleeping for a week. So until August, here are some other places you can go for weekly resistance updates. I’m liking to the most recent update posts. […]