Meet Fatimah Hinds

I’ve been knitting for about 12 years now. I started designing because I have a problem with authority or so my friends and family say. read more →

Resistance Update 8/26/2017

It’s hard to believe how awful our country has become as I sit in my studio and look out the window at beautiful fields and mountains. But Donald Trump and his white-supremacist cohorts are tearing our country apart. We must continue to resist. We are at the point where we must push ourselves to resist.. read more →

Resistance Update 8/22/2017

Resistance Update 8/22/2017 Last week I posted a general update after taking part of the summer off from these regular resistance blog posts. This week, I want to get back to the What Happened and What You Can Do Next format. What Happened The lists of what happened — the “not normal” things that are.. read more →

In the Shadow

I decided to shadow knit a disappearing 8′ * 3.5′ image of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Five hundred hours of charting and knitting and around 2,000yds of yarn. read more →

Resistance Update, 8/16/2017

I am not sure where to start. I don’t have a detailed update for you this week, but I hope to dive into those again starting in September. I was in Lithuania for most of July and home again in August, resting, working, visiting with family, resisting, and trying to keep up with the chaos.. read more →

We Knit Too: Diversity in Knitting

Hello! My name is Gaye Glasspie, most folks know me as GG from read more →

Our Sisters’ Keepers

This has nothing to do with knitting. I’m attending a Black Lives Matter event, “My Sister’s Keeper Women’s Conference,” at the end of August and was inspired to help with some fundraising. They’re looking for sponsors and also people to donate for scholarships for women of color to attend. I thought maybe you’d be interested.. read more →

How do you deal with the overwhelm?

It’s hard to remember that we are in this for the long haul. I just want it all to be over and everything to be roses. The reason I have hated politics for most of my life is that it pisses me off so much. I have never been good and having balanced or steady.. read more →

Resistance Update 6/23/17

What happened? I’m going to be blogging less for a while. I’m leaving next weekend for Lithuania and I’ll be gone for three weeks. After that, I’ll be sleeping for a week. So until August, here are some other places you can go for weekly resistance updates. I’m liking to the most recent update posts… read more →

Black Lives Matter to this White Woman

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be posting about race-related issues with links to some great reading and viewing material. I’m not any special kind of expert on these topics. And while I have had Black, Asian, and Latinx family members related to me by blood, marriage, and co-habitation, I definitely have.. read more →

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