Knitting can be a Political Act
Politics & Knitting… you may not like it, but politics is part of your daily life.


Resistance Update 11/4/17

What happened? Puerto Rico still doesn’t have all the help it needs, and most people are still without power. Trump is in Asia where he’s being an ass and meeting with his puppet-master, Putin. On his way, he was met by creative resisters in Hawaii with signs saying, “Welcome to Kenya.” It all happens so […]


Resistance Update 10/21/17

Here we are again. How are you holding up? It’s been a rough few weeks for sure. Remember that they are trying to wear us out and overwhelm us. If you need a break, take a short one. And remember to focus on the issues that are most important to you. We have to work […]


Resistance Update 10/13/17

Hello. Welcome to hell. That’s sort of how I’ve been feeling the last few weeks. As Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin said on her Facebook feed the other day, Mother Nature is pissed at America. And on top of that, Donald Trump is turning America into a place that is as corrupt and uncaring as the Soviet […]


Resistance Upate 9/28/17

What Happened? Puerto Rico was devastated by hurricane Maria and Trump delayed sending help, which has caused people to die. Most of the people on the island have no electricity, food, or drinking water. The mayor of San Juan has been begging for help. This delay was not an accident. It is intentional, criminal negligence. While […]