Knitting can be a Political Act
Politics & Knitting… you may not like it, but politics is part of your daily life.

Resistance Update 8/26/2017

It’s hard to believe how awful our country has become as I sit in my studio and look out the window at beautiful fields and mountains. But Donald Trump and his white-supremacist cohorts are tearing our country apart. We must continue to resist. We are at the point where we must push ourselves to resist […]

Subversive Knitting

Resistance Update 8/22/2017

Resistance Update 8/22/2017 Last week I posted a general update after taking part of the summer off from these regular resistance blog posts. This week, I want to get back to the What Happened and What You Can Do Next format. What Happened The lists of what happened — the “not normal” things that are […]

Subversive Knitting

Resistance Update 6/23/17

What happened? I’m going to be blogging less for a while. I’m leaving next weekend for Lithuania and I’ll be gone for three weeks. After that, I’ll be sleeping for a week. So until August, here are some other places you can go for weekly resistance updates. I’m liking to the most recent update posts. […]

Subversive Knitting