Lesson: The Single Crochet Edging

Working a single crochet edging along a piece of knitting is quite easy — if you already know how to crochet. If not, it could take some practice. Should you decide you don’t like to crochet, an easy knitted substitute is as follows: With RS facing, pick up sts along the entire edge of the.. read more →

Pattern: Easy Moss Stitch Shrug

As promised, I do actually have some knitting content this month! If you haven’t had time to read any of the guest posts about Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I hope you will scroll down in the April 2007 archives and think about how you can help reduce the incidence of sexual assault in your community. I designed.. read more →

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Please do something this month to help spread awareness and stop sexual violence against women in your community.  Did you know these statistics ? The United States has the highest rape rate among countries which report such statistics. It is 4 times higher than that of Germany, 13 times higher than that.. read more →

Knitting Helps Heal Eating Disorders

A guest post by Paulette Lane Reprinted with permission from the West Coast Knitters’ Guild Newsletter. At the January meeting [of the West Coast Knitters’ Guild] Liz McKenna from CHIMO Crisis Services talked about knitting therapy for eating disorders and to inform us of Disordered Eating Awareness Week in February. She explained the nature of anorexia and bulimia and the.. read more →

Lesson: KTBL or Twisting Stitches

Have you ever seen the instruction ktbl or k2tog-tbl and wonder what, exactly “tbl” means? Ktbl stands for “knit through back loop.” Just as “pick up” and “pick up and knit” are somewhat confusing terminology, “knit through the back loop” can also be confusing, because each knit stitch has only one loop on the needle. So what.. read more →

Knitter’s Hand Health

Welcome to 2007 at Knitting for Change —  the year of women’s health. This year, I’ll be posting every other month instead of every month, because I’m very busy with writing books and I’ll be traveling a lot to teach knitting workshops and to do research for three different future books. For our first topic.. read more →

A small charity knitting project for a busy season

Hi All, The editor of Arctic Lace, Deb Robson, has made 43 baby caps for Save the Children’s Caps for the Capital program. Oh my!   Most of us don’t have time to make 40 caps during this busy holiday season. But if you can spare one evening while watching TV, you can knit one baby cap, and you.. read more →

2007: Focus on Womens’ Health

In 2007, Knitting for Change will focus on issues concerning womens’ health. I have a terrific group of guest designers and writers lined up. Each month, a different aspect of womens’ health will be covered in an essay and I’ll include links to read more about the featured topic, especially how it relates to knitting… read more →

Lesson: Blocking Lace

Everyone wants to know how to block lace, as if it’s some deep, dark secret or incredibly difficult like rocket science. Actually, it’s quite easy. If you’ve never blocked lace before, you can try this on a swatch if you’re a little nervous. Blocking Wool or Other Natural Fibers You need: Blocking wires and/or rust.. read more →

Lesson: Stretchy Bind Off

This easy bind off is perfect for lace, sweater necks, and the cuffs of socks or mittens that have been knitted from the toe up or fingers down. I use it all the time because I tend to bind off tighly and using a larger needle doesn’t seem to help very much. To work the.. read more →