Charity Knitting Updates

Yesterday I cleaned out my closet, my sweater armoire, and my box of warm winter accessories that lives in the bottom of the hall closet. I don’t need any more knitted clothes. That’s what I’ve decided. I actually decided this when I was putting all of my projects on Ravelry (I’m not done yet) and.. read more →

Pattern: Gail’s Easy Cable Ski Cap

Here’s an easy cable ski cap that is dedicated to Gail, the former listmom of Knit-U and Knit Design. Gail was a very generous soul who gave of her time voluntarily on both lists, and she also was a strong supporter of charity knitter. She passed away recently after an illness and she will be.. read more →

Baby Love Blanket Drive

Here’s a neat charity Knitalong that I wanted to share. Thanks to Ann for sending this information! What is the Baby Love Blanket Drive? The Baby Love Blanket Drive is a month long, charity knit-along (Nov-Dec) where knitters in the Portland, Oregon Metropolitan area (and beyond) will knit blankets for newborns in need. Why are we doing.. read more →

Pattern: 100 Meter Dash Hat

Hi everyone. Don’t faint! I have a pattern to post. I feel terrible that I haven’t had time to keep this site up to date all year, but I’m working on some major life changes so next year I will have more time to work on this. It will be totally revamped, as well. I.. read more →

June has come and gone

Hi All, June has come and gone and I am still running behind on everything. I am working on the next topic to post, but it’s not ready yet and I’ll be offline for the next few weeks. So with that in mind, here are a few knitting charities that you can check out in.. read more →

My hair was raped when I was a sophomore at the University of Redlands.

A guest post by Gayle Brandeis My hair was raped when I was a sophomore at the University of Redlands. It was finals week, and I needed a study break, so I decided to go to a movie in San Bernardino, CA, about 5 miles away. I often went to movies alone—it was a welcome break.. read more →

Bad Girl

A guest post by Leanne Dyck “Hello, my name is Jenny McLean and I am a victim of incest. These words sound odd to me. For so long I hid the truth. My family was ‘normal” I told myself: white picket fence, dog, parents who loved me. Until one day my Mom discovered the truth. You.. read more →

Take Back the Blog Day

Hi Everyone. Thanks for reading this month’s guest posts about sexual assault awareness. I hope you have all been inspired to take at least one small action to help stop sexual assault. I know you’re all wondering where the knitting content is, and it’s coming. Tomorrow I’ll be posting a pattern for a shrug and.. read more →

How Dare They!

A guest post by Sarah Rickman As a lifelong supporter of Choice and the belief that every woman has the right to be in control of her own body, mind and spirit, I am dismayed at the latest Supreme Court decision on partial birth abortions. Worse, I am appalled by the ongoing assault on what I.. read more →