Knit Hearts, Spread Love

My sister-in-law Elaine and I were discussing a little idea she was conjuring up this afternoon. Check it out and comment if you want to be a part of it. Here’s what she says: I am located out of the Orlando, FL area and I am starting a small charity called The Giving Heart. My plan.. read more →

Silence is not Golden

Over the past few months, I’ve made a couple of political posts on Facebook and had some followers tell me I should “shut up about politics and just make pretty knitting patterns.” Yesterday I posted this picture in a sketchbook group I belong to on Facebook. Several people advised me to “turn the page and draw something.. read more →

Knitting as a Political Act

I’m working on a list of how we can do what I am going to call “Knitting as a Political Act” (ht to Rick Steves). I’m talking about using our knitting as a subversive, activist, protest. Here are some of my ideas. I’d love to hear yours in the comments. (I’m not talking about charity.. read more →

Speaking Out

Purchase the pattern books today! We will donate $10 to the SPLC. More info below. Current total donation: In three days as of Mon Dec 5th 7:30a (EST) is $320.00 & counting. Thank you! [columns] [column layout=”two”] Learn about my family history and my ancestor’s lives in Eastern Europe before the wars. My great grandparents.. read more →

Cry, rage, panic, repeat….

Sorry I don’t have any pretty pictures or knitting for you today. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night with panic attacks. Crying. Reading the news. Getting pissed off. That’s been my week. The sucker punch of the election results hit me so hard, I probably need a few more days before I.. read more →

Sharing Your Knitting

Sharing Your Knitting If you’re new to charity and activist knitting, here are some ideas for finding welcoming homes for your hand-knit gifts. Your local yarn shop may have a charity knitting group or work with local charities. If you can’t find anything in your area, check out these national and international organizations: Afghans for.. read more →

A couple of ideas for charity knitting

Here are a couple of ideas for charity knitting that have come my way recently: Sarah-Hope at whatifknits is having a Blogiversary Raffle to raise funds for animal welfare and protection groups! The prizes include A Swallowtail Shawl knit in Louisa Harding Cinnabar yarn, a signed, limited-edition prints by Melissa West, two skeins of Socks that Rock in the.. read more →

Pattern: Gail’s Easy Cable Scarf

Here’s an easy cable scarf to match last month’s hat. Both are dedicated to Gail, the former listmom of Knit-U and Knit Design, who passed away suddenly after an illness. She will be missed by many knitters around the globe. Size Approx 6″ (15 cm) wide by 64″ (162 cm) long, without fringe Gauge 27 sts.. read more →

A Crying Shame

A guest post by Sue Hartman It’s been almost 30 years since I worked my last rape case as a crisis counselor in Salt Lake City. I moved to Colorado in 1979, leaving my childhood home and crisis career behind me. It wasn’t until I got across the Continental Divide that I realized how relieved.. read more →

Holiday Charity Knitting for New Orleans

Guest post from Dez Crawford. In case you haven’t heard, Gail, the list-mom from Knit-U and Knit Design, passed away the other day after a short illness. Her death was a shock to everyone. This message was posted on Knit-U by Dez Crawford shortly after we heard the news: Knitterati: I am as thunderstruck as.. read more →