Butterfly Mitten Pattern

Hi. I have a small errata for the Butterfly mittens on the Butterfly Quilt and Butterfly Quilt 2 charts. The mittens will work out fine if you knit them exactly as in the pattern. But… technically, there should only be one plain row of knits on chart row 10 and one on chart row 20,.. read more →

Slipper Sock Tips and Tricks

I used size US 7 needles on my slipper socks. So please ignore the info about the second size on the pattern. Ok, that said, the rest of my tips are here. Enjoy: read more →

Winter Knits – Club Package 5

Are you ready for your next package? Everything’s bundled up and packages will be in the mail starting tomorrow (Dec 2, 2019). This package has some very special yarn that we purchased from a small family business in Lithuania. The yarn is made from Lithuanian sheep wool and processed on machinery that is over 100.. read more →

Nabokov Blues Videos

These seem to have gotten lost, so I made new ones: read more →

Embroidered 17th c. Dress and Shoes

Wow! Two things make this mantua from the middle 1700s worth comment. The first is that we know the name of the textile designer, Anna Maria Garthwaite, who worked in the Spitalfields district of London, widely known for its superb silk textile production. She was acknowledged as one of the finest designers of her day.. read more →

Nabokov’s Blue Scarf

Hi all! I hope you are enjoying the latest club package. I had someone ask a question about the Russian lace/cable chart and I have made a slight correction. I changed the key that said p2tog to k2tog. That’s how I worked it on the sample and I think it is easier that way besides… read more →

Raupen Wrap Chart B

Hi there. Several of you have emailed me about problems with chart B for the Raupen Wrap. I’m sorry for the confusion. On the enlarged version we printed and inserted into the booklets, the repeat box did not show up. This is what Chart B should look like and how you work the second repeat,.. read more →

After Chart B on Raupen Wrap

There were a couple of questions on Ravelry about working Chart B and the Beads and Buds section after that, so I’m posting this here in case anyone else has the same question. After you finish chart A, you will work Chart B (with 4 garter sts at each end and in the center) until.. read more →

Butterfly Motif Videos & Errata (Video)

Here are the videos for making the butterfly motif in the Raupen Wrap! I found a small mistake in the chart. Here is the portion of the butterfly motif showing the correct version. Just add gray “no stitch” squares on each side of the V increase above the yarn overs at the top (chart row.. read more →

Misc notes from Donna

How’s everyone doing? Have any photos to share here or on Ravelry? Any questions about any of the patterns so far? I just realized I never uploaded the Japanese butterfly motif video so on that for today. Sorry I forgot! I’m almost done with the modernized/Americanized cable butterfly chart that I’m redoing for you. And.. read more →

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