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'Lost' Book Rediscovered 1

Next Package Delivery

A mystery package the week of April 1st & shortly after each bi-monthly payment.  Yarn, book, paintings, patterns, and more. Yarn indie dyed by Donna Druchunas.

2019 Theme

Our theme for 2019 will be Maria Sibylla Merian’s Garden Flowers. Based on the colors, art, and flowers of Maria. Your 1 year of projects will be based on this theme with some variations.

Discussion Forum

Updates, help, & general info will be discussed below. This area is private, moderated,  & not open to the public. Contact Donna directly on our Contact Page.
'Lost' Book Rediscovered 2


‘Lost’ Book Rediscovered

‘Lost’ book of exquisite scientific drawings rediscovered after 190 years. Decades of searching uncovered the brilliantly illustrated plants and detailed notes made by a U.S. woman living in Cuba in the 1800s. An article about the work of Anne Wollstonecraft, who created volumes of detailed botany illustrations in 19th-century Cuba. Rediscovered after almost 200 years, […]


Dyeing up a Storm

How are you doing? I’m so busy getting ready for your next shipments. I suck at keeping secrets so here’s a sneak peek.


Video about Maria Sibylla Merian

This is a lovely lecture with a slide show about Maria Sibylla Merian. I’ll be writing more about a lot of the topics covered here in the booklets you’ll be getting in future club packages.


Dye Time!

Look what just came! Yarn for the next 2 packages. Time to set up the outdoor dye kitchen for spring.


Maria Merrian was a complicated woman

Working on all of the booklets at once, with stories that span her life. Here are topics I’ve thought of so far. Her life is dense and rich like the jungles she visited in South America. Also, I’m playing with colorway ideas for our next two packages!


Victorian Knitting Mysteries

Victorian knitting patterns were often mysteries, since there were no diagrams or photos in many of the books. The flower book I have is one of those. This is the only image in the book: Here’s our pattern, in all its dense, textual beauty: I charted the flower petal from our pattern. You start by […]