Can knitting needles be mightier than automatic weapons?

Let’s stop hating each other and remember that we’re all in this world together. Julius Lester, a Newberry award winning children’s author, keeps a human skull on his desk to remind him that we are all alike underneath our superficial differences. In his memoir, On Writing for Children and Other People, he says that in our.. read more →

Suffrage In Stitches, a New Old Story

A Guest Post by Katherine Durack It’s hard to believe that just a year ago I attended Donna’s Birth Your Knitting Book writing retreat in Montgomery, Vermont. A lot has happened since then: My article on the 1900 National Suffrage Fair was published in PieceWork magazine, along with patterns for the Sunflower Suffrage Shawl and A Suffrage-Fair Washcloth. Another.. read more →

My Studio

A photo tour of my studio — the room where I ostensibly write, design, sketch, and do all of my work. In reality, I work all over the house. In summer, I spend a lot of time on the front porch. In winter, I’m often found on the couch in the living room. At other times,.. read more →

Are you too busy?

Lately I’ve been having a lot of people tell me why they can’t get things done. I think this often comes down to owning your priorities and values, embracing them, and accepting what it is you truly want to do with your life and time and money. Sometimes we think we want to do things.. read more →

Personal or Professional?

If you’ve been following me for any time, you have probably noticed that I talk about both personal and professional ideas and activities on my blog and social media accounts. The newest part of my business is my Birth Your Knitting Book mentoring program, where I am helping newer designers build their businesses and get.. read more →

On the road again…

I’ve been staying home more than usual this year, but I have my spring teaching trip coming up soon. I find that getting away for a little while in the spring is a good transition out of winter for me. Sometimes I travel to teach at national events like Interweave’s Yarn Fest or Stitches, sometimes I teach at.. read more →

Vermont’s Got Wool

Vermont has wool!! Wool is my favorite knitting fiber. There’s just something so comforting and cozy about the feeling of sheep’s wool, that I can never find anything else that beats it in my book. I’m very excited to announce that we’ll be creating our own custom yarn later this year. read more →

Rounded Pi Day Sale

You guys, it’s Rounded Pi Day! To celebrate, I am making my 3.14159 Shawls ebook half price. Just $9 for a whole book of pi shawl knitting! That’s just $9 for a whole book of pi shawl knitting patterns. Coupon: PI  (expires 3/21 which is my Birthday, when I shall create a new special Birthday sale!) What is.. read more →

Running away to knit in February

I don’t think I blogged in February. I don’t think I did much of anything in February, to be honest. February sucks. It’s the worst month of the year. It seems like the longest, even though it’s the shortest. And this year, here in Vermont, it was worse than ever because there wasn’t much snow… read more →

Wabi Sabi Knitting

Wabi-sabi is the quintessential Japanese aesthetic. It is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It is a beauty of things modest and humble. It’s the imperfections, the mistakes, the idiosyncrasies, and the blemishes that make life interesting. These are the things that make knitting interesting, too. I am not a perfect knitter. In many ways,.. read more →