Berry Pi – Winter Shawl KAL

Are you ready for my 2017 Pi Shawl KAL? We are starting a little later than usual this year because I have had a big deadline on another project and because I wanted to get the kits together! Official Start Date February 14, 2017 Berry Pi is a pi-shawl in two sizes: Regular and Deep.. read more →

Walk a mile in their socks…

To understand another person, it is said, you must walk a mile in their shoes. Well, what goes inside shoes if not socks? Knitters must take this to heart, and every time we knit a pair of socks to warm our toes, we should take the opportunity to learn about the stitches, patterns, and techniques we use. And.. read more →

Our Knitting Roots

Happy New Year! I’ve got some new things coming up in 2017 and I want to tell you about one major theme that you’ll be seeing in my work: Finding Our Roots through Knitting. I’ve been thinking about this topic for a couple of years, spurred on my going to family reunions and visiting Lithuania for.. read more →

Sherlock Knits: A Book Review

Are you ready for a new season of Sherlock? Season 4 started this week on PBS (in the USA). This year, while you’re watching, you can get inspired for some great new knitting projects. Sherlock Knits, a new book by Joanna Johnson, includes ten patterns inspired by the series. But it’s even better than that! The book has.. read more →

Singing (and Knitting) as a Political Act

This week I’ve been thinking about diversity, xenophobia, empire, nationalism, genealogy, and family history. How can we embrace each other even though we are different? How can we all be Americans and work together to make a better world for the future? How can we embrace our pasts, live with love in the present, and plan.. read more →

A Change of Course

Every once in a while, I change course. Sometimes it’s in a big way. Sometimes it’s in a small way. This year is in between.  I’m changing a few things but I hope it will make a big impact. Don’t worry! I’ll still be releasing patterns and ebooks, teaching and holding retreats, and offering you deals.. read more →

In the Company of Women

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. It’s time to start doing morning pages again–putting down three pages of my first thoughts onto paper every morning before doing anything else. I need to get the stuff in my head out and, for me, that requires words. Although I’ve been drawing a lot lately too, and I.. read more →

Knit Hearts, Spread Love

My sister-in-law Elaine and I were discussing a little idea she was conjuring up this afternoon. Check it out and comment if you want to be a part of it. Here’s what she says: I am located out of the Orlando, FL area and I am starting a small charity called The Giving Heart. My plan.. read more →

Winter is coming to Vermont and Lithuania!

We’ve just wrapped up our fall teaching season with the Vermont Fall Knitting Retreat at Trapp Family Lodge. What a fantastic time and a wonderful group of knitters. Anne Berk, author of Annetarsia Knits: A New Link to Intarsia joined me and we spent the weekend on colorful knitting techniques, enjoying the beautiful lodge, and singing songs.. read more →

Book Review: Knit Beanies

I like to make small projects. I like them in summer, when it’s too hot to have a big wooly sweater or afghan on my lap. I like them in fall and winter when I’m rushing to get something warm to put on my head or gifts to hand out to friends and family over.. read more →