★★★★★ Book Review: Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible

“Discover the Beautiful World of Japanese Knitting” is the tagline written across the top of the book Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible. I think I am going to steal that for the name of my workshops. I have been calling them “Explore Japanese Knitting” but exploring just doesn’t have the same appeal as discovering a beautiful.. read more →

Meet Beatriz (Betty) McTiernan 

My grandmother taught me how to knit. This was a few years after I emigrated with my family from Habana to Miami. read more →

Meet Novella Jewell Bobo

I started crocheting in 1983, at the age of 13 when my maternal grandmother had given me a big bag of yarn. read more →

Meet Anna Hernandez from Skeins in the Stacks

Donna asked me to write an article on this blog about my yarn business. To write about the struggles of running a small business. read more →

Meet Fatimah Hinds

I’ve been knitting for about 12 years now. I started designing because I have a problem with authority or so my friends and family say. read more →

In the Shadow

I decided to shadow knit a disappearing 8′ * 3.5′ image of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Five hundred hours of charting and knitting and around 2,000yds of yarn. read more →

Our Knitting Roots — Now on Knitty!

You all, my Our Knitting Roots column has just appeared on Knitty, along with another pair of toe-up socks from the Middle East! Check it out. It may be difficult to look at a sock or mitten that you’ve made with your own hands and feel a connection to a group of people who seem.. read more →

To clean or not to clean, that is the question

To clean or not to clean, that is the question. I’ve never been so disorganized in my entire life as I have since I’ve moved to Vermont. read more →

Diversity in the Fiber World – Guest Post

Hello all! For those of you who don’t know me, (which, I suspect will be many readers), I’m Sarah Dawn of Sarah Dawn Designs. I’m Toronto-based knitwear designer, and I’ve been in the knitwear design world for about a year now. Ok, but an obvious question, why am I writing a guest post on Donna’s.. read more →

Celebrate Handmade with Maxcine DeGouttes

This year we journey together to explore our knitting roots and learn more about knitters and designers of many different backgrounds. As part of this project, I’ve created a series of guest posts to introduce you to designers who are women of color. In this post, the fifth post in the series, we meet Maxcine DeGouttes and learn about the  Kings County.. read more →