Edible Memories: Food & Friendship

Food & Friendship Yesterday I spent the afternoon baking. I made healthy oatmeal bars with raspberries, 37-calorie gluten-free brownies, and mini sugar-free cheesecakes in muffin tins. I did it all myself, alone in my kitchen. Such a difference from so many past holiday seasons where I have baked pumpkin, apple, and cherry pies for Thanksgiving.. read more →

Edible Memories: Food & Tradition

Keeping traditions live won’t stop death. What good are traditions without the people who surrounded me with love when I was a child? My life is slowly drawing to an end. I am 53. Now that may not seem very old to you, but my grandparents have been gone for decades. How long do my.. read more →

Book Review: The Art of Slip-Stitch Knitting

I’m a sucker for learning about different knitting techniques and I love when traditional techniques are used in new and unusual ways. read more →

The History of the Famous Aran Sweater

The first hand-knitted Aran Sweaters to go on sale were sold in 1935. They were sold in ‘The Country Shop’ in Dublin, Ireland, which was run at the time by Dr. Muriel Gahan read more →

Edible Memories: Food & Courage

It took courage for my parents to marry each other. Or, to be more specific, it took courage for them to become part of each other’s families.   Grandma Druchunas was worried because Mom was Jewish. Is that why Mom converted? “If you’re interested in religion, why don’t you follow your own?” Grandpa Tolen asked her… read more →

Edible Memories: Food, Longing, and Adventure

This is the beginning of something that I am tentatively calling “Time Travel to Charnow’s Deli.”   ***   I’m longing for an adventure. In the kitchen I can travel to my childhood, but I want to go beyond that. I want to eat in my great-great grandmother Tzivia’s kitchen, I wan to shop in.. read more →

Edible Memories: Food and Laughter

When I was a teenager, we had a mixed-race household. My mother’s best friend and her daughters moved in with us for a few years. There were two mothers and four adolescent girls. Three pale-skinned, stringy haired honkeys and three brown-skinned, nappy haired sistas. We girls liked to chant. Driving during the holiday season: (each.. read more →

Edible Memories: Food & Generosity

My love of old houses, all things antique, floral print cotton blouses, home-made strawberry jam, refrigerator dills, and ridiculously large kitchen gardens all came from Aunt Phebe.   Aunt Phebe wasn’t really our aunt at all. We knew her first as Mrs. Downs, the school nurse at Norwood Avenue Elementary School, where I went to.. read more →

Edible Memories: Food & Children

I hopped down the steps of the school bus and ran toward home without saying goodbye to my friends. As I climbed the concreted steps to the front door, I breathed in deeply. Cigarette smoke. Grandma was here! Grandma Druchunas–we always identified our grandparents by last name–would be watching her stories about this time. One.. read more →