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Knitting can be a Political Act
Politics & Knitting… you may not like it, but politics is part of your daily life.


Friendly American Knitters

In Our Knitting Roots Book Club on Facebook, over the last weeks, we’ve been discussing Timothy Snyder’s short book, On Tyranny: 20 Lessons from the 20th Century. This week’s chapter is “Lesson 12: Make Eye Contact and Small Talk.” Rachel, who is leading the discussion says, This lesson is a reminder of how simple resisting […]

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Women’s March 2018

All of the 2018 Women’s Marches Below: USA Alaska Anchorage: Arizona Casa Grande: Flagstaff: Green Valley: Phoenix: Prescott: Tucson: Arkansas Fayetteville: California Chico: Fort Bragg: Fresno: Kern County: Los Angeles: Modesto: Napa: Oakland: Orange County: Palm Springs: Riverside: Sacramento: San Diego: San Francisco: San Jose: San Luis Obispo: San Marcos: Santa Ana: Santa Barbara: Santa […]

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Resistance Update 12/28/2017

Hi everyone. The year is wrapping up. I’m glad. The year of 2017 sucked in a lot of ways for so many people. Not just politically, but also personally. I’m ready for a new year, starting fresh with a bright new outlook and a plan to resist, smash, create, and knit. How about you? What […]

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Resistance Update 12/4/2017

How are you doing? It’s been over a year since Trump was elected and almost a year since his inauguration. That’s a year of having an illegitimate president who is not doing the job and is working on destroying our democracy. That’s pretty dire. But more and more of the dirt in the background is […]

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Resistance Update 11/4/17

What happened? Puerto Rico still doesn’t have all the help it needs, and most people are still without power. Trump is in Asia where he’s being an ass and meeting with his puppet-master, Putin. On his way, he was met by creative resisters in Hawaii with signs saying, “Welcome to Kenya.” It all happens so […]

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