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SUMMER OF LACE: Bronte Victorian Jacket by Marnie MacLean

SUCCESSFUL LACE KNITTING DESIGNER NOTES SERIES DD: Marnie, thank you for submitting your work to be included in Successful Lace Knitting. Your designs are so different than anything I would ever do, with your focus on fashion and dressmaking details and mine on traditional knitting techniques, that it ads so much more dimension to the […]


SUMMER OF LACE: Mendocino Socks by Kristi Schueler

SUCCESSFUL LACE KNITTING DESIGNER NOTES SERIES DD: Kristi, I’m so pleased to have your work featured in Succesful Lace Knitting. I’ve been making a lot of socks lately – for a future book – but your design is quite different from anything I’ve done. How did you come up with this? KS: The Mendocino socks […]


SUMMER OF LACE: Time for Tea: Tea Cozy and Table Runner by Ava Coleman

SUCCESSFUL LACE KNITTING DESIGNER NOTES SERIES DD: Ava, thank you for being part of the Successful Lace Knitting Team. Without the participation of so many wonderful designers, there’s no way I could have showcased the work of Dorothy Reade so bautifully. What inspired you in the creation of your submission? AC: A few weeks before […]


SUMMER OF LACE: Diamond Swing Top by Chrissy Gardiner

SUCCESSFUL LACE KNITTING DESIGNER NOTES SERIES DD: Hi Chrissy, I’m so glad you were able to submit this lovely design to Successful Lace Knitting. What inspired you most in the creation of this design? CG: This is a scoop-necked top with a front opening to accommodate a pregnant belly through all stages of pregnancy and […]


SUMMER OF LACE: Successful Lace Knitting Designer Notes Series

Welcome to the Successful Lace Knitting Designer Notes series on my blog! When I was working on Successful Lace Knitting, I interviewed each designer who had submitted a project to the book to find out about their design inspiration and to ask them to share their tips for knitting lace. Unfortunately for me, this information […]