Interviewing Myself

This is a blog post from The Art of Non-Conformity with my personal notes added. . This is how you do it. First, sit yourself down wherever you like to sit. Get coffee or your drink of choice. Turn off the distractions and take it seriously. (Wouldn’t you take another interview seriously?) Then you open.. read more →

Have you any organic wool?

Have You Any Organic Wool? by Donna Druchunas (Email me) (Sources for eco-friendly fleeces and yarns are posted at the bottom) What could be more natural than wool? Many people assume that wool is organic because it is a natural fiber. Some use the term organic informally, referring to wool that is not processed with.. read more →

Black Purl Magazine: Knitting from Norway

Original Post #555 Knitting from Norway by Donna Druchunas Originally published in Black Purl Magazine, Summer 2007 When you think of Norwegian knitting do you think of ski sweaters and mittens with snowflake designs on them? If you do, you’re not alone. Several of today’s popular knitting designs originated in Norway in the 19th century.. read more →

Black Purl Magazine: Turkish Delight for Knitters

My interest in knitting has been kept alive over the years by the almost infinite variety of color, pattern, and texture that is found in collections of knitters and museums around the world. Although I love the smooth, quiet repetition of knitting a rectangular scarf in garter stitch using a luxurious yarn, it is the endless diversity of technique and style that keeps me interested in knitting as more than a way to keep my hands busy while watching TV. read more →

Black Purl Magazine: World Knits: Charity Knitting For The Holidays

Original Blog post #558 World Knits: Charity Knitting for the Holidays by Donna Druchunas Originally published in Black Purl Magazine Instead of talking about a knitting technique from a far-off locale, in this month’s World Knits column I’d like to talk about how we can spread our knitting generosity around the world to those in.. read more →

Arctic Lace Book Research

Back in 2004 while researching the book Arctic Lace Knitting we kept a small day to day blog of what we were doing each day. Take a look back in time in the behind the scenes post that we just put up on this blog. The blog was moved from our personal website to this.. read more →

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