SUMMER OF LACE: Time for Tea: Tea Cozy and Table Runner by Ava Coleman

SUCCESSFUL LACE KNITTING DESIGNER NOTES SERIES DD: Ava, thank you for being part of the Successful Lace Knitting Team. Without the participation of so many wonderful designers, there’s no way I could have showcased the work of Dorothy Reade so bautifully. What inspired you in the creation of your submission? AC: A few weeks before.. read more →

SUMMER OF LACE: Beaded Hand Warmers and Socks by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer

DD: Jackie, I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time and I love the way you combine beads and lace in your accessory designs, so I was thrilled that you agreed to create not just one, but two! projects, especially for Successful Lace knitting. Can you tell us a little bit about your.. read more →

SUMMER OF LACE: Diamond Swing Top by Chrissy Gardiner

SUCCESSFUL LACE KNITTING DESIGNER NOTES SERIES DD: Hi Chrissy, I’m so glad you were able to submit this lovely design to Successful Lace Knitting. What inspired you most in the creation of this design? CG: This is a scoop-necked top with a front opening to accommodate a pregnant belly through all stages of pregnancy and.. read more →

SUMMER OF LACE: Successful Lace Knitting Designer Notes Series

Welcome to the Successful Lace Knitting Designer Notes series on my blog! When I was working on Successful Lace Knitting, I interviewed each designer who had submitted a project to the book to find out about their design inspiration and to ask them to share their tips for knitting lace. Unfortunately for me, this information.. read more →

Recursive Retreats

I’ve been spending the weekend at the most wonderful and tiny writing conference in the small town of Bowness on Solway in the northwest corner of England. It’s amazing what interesting and inspiring events take place in the hidden corners of the world. This conference cost £8 ($12) for two days of talks about writing,.. read more →

Liverpool Part 2: The Knitting

Before we left what I call the middle of England but what seems to be considered part of “the north” to the English — I suppose in the way Long Islanders consider everything above New York City as “upstate” and most everyone in the USA considers Chicago the “midwest” even though Denver is actually pretty.. read more →

Liverpool, UK Part 1

We visited a couple of yarn shops and I bought some cotton/corn yarn from Rowan to make a pair of lace gloves. There is plenty of sheepy stuff in Liverpool too!
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Bankfield Museum, Halifax, England

I can’t really post a photo essay from the Bankfield Museum, because they made me sign a form saying that the photos I took were for my personal use only. But since a blog is personal, I’m going to sneak a couple of photos in here and hope nothing bad comes of it. Last year.. read more →

Manchester, Cottonopolis

  Today was quiet: breakfast, then writing while watching some silly dragon boat races. Before we knew it, it was almost 2pm, time for a late lunch then back to the hotel. A great day, since I love the quiet days. I even like to have some days never leaving my room, except perhaps to.. read more →

EuroDonna is alive and well!

EuroDonna here, at home and happy in Manchester, England and getting ramped up for our first real day of the trip. It took just about two entire days to get here and settle in. Don’t ask. But we left our house Tuesday morning at 8, and by Wednesday evening we were here, checked into our.. read more →