Extended blog post of interest about knitting and writing.

FALL COLORS: Lithuanian History

As fall begins – here in Lithuania anyway – I am determined to spend more time writing, less time roaming the streets. I’m sure the weather will cooperate in furthering this plan. And while I am in Lithuania, what better to write about than history? And where better to begin than at the beginning? The beginning of what? Of my attempt to understand.

New article in Sockupied

I have a cool project and an article in the new issue of Sockupied (Spring 2012). Inspired by the inner socks worn by Albanian men in the early twentieth¬†century, these start with and unusual swirl toe. They get a modern twiest with the use of soft merino yarn, patterning on the instep, and the Kitchener […]

Going on a trip (TNNA) 2007

This is an old blog post from our visit to TNNA in San Diego, CA 2007.¬† Donna will be attending the TNNA conference in Phoenix, AZ in early 2012. ————– Sunday, January 07, 2007 Hi Everyone. Dom and I are going on a trip next week. We’re visiting San Diego, where we lived from 1989 […]

What do you love?

Here are two semi-related notes about things I love. I hope it gets you thinking about what you love and that you’ll spend time indulging those passions this summer. I love making things, traveling, learning, and teaching. And for me, these all come together in my love of books. I have a confession to make: […]