Stress-free Productivity

Sometimes when I try to make myself work, the anxiety is just too much for me to deal with. read more →

Symbols in Lithuanian Knitting (part 2)

To continue talking about the Stitch Library chapter I’m working on for my book on Lithuanian knitting, I’d like to start with a short overview of symbolism, in general. Folklore and spirituality, or religion, have been tied tightly to the symbols used in weaving in Lithuania, as well as in other forms of folk art, since.. read more →

Colors in Lithuanian Knitting

Yesterday I was reading a 1930s book written in Lithuanian, and it said that in the old days (pre-1930 obviously) there weren’t very many white Lithuanian sheep and most of the yarn that was dyed was muted colors because a) it was all natural dyes and b) it was mostly overdyed on grey. After chemical.. read more →

Symbols and Ornament in Lithuanian Knitting

There are so many interesting types of colorwork patterns in Lithuanian knitting that I am finding it difficult to decide what to include. I’ve decided that I need to include charts in each of these categories: read more →

Lithuania’s History: Textiles Through Time, part 1

Here’s another sneak peek into my book about Lithuanian knitting… Thinking and reading about history is one of my favorite pastimes. Over the past few years, I must have read at least twenty books and hundreds of articles about the history of Lithuania and its neighboring states. Although the topic intrigues me to no end,.. read more →

Welcome to Successful Lace Knitting Month!

Welcome to Successful Lace Knitting Month! Happy New Year everyone! This year, I am going back to talk about the books I’ve written and give you a behind the scenes look into all of them, plus new materials related to each one. To start the year off, w… read more →

SUMMER OF LACE: Kitty Kat Raglan by Jean Scorgie

SUCCESSFUL LACE KNITTING DESIGNER NOTES SERIES To wrap up our Summer of Lace blog series, I have two special posts for you. Today’s post features Dorothy Reade’s favorite pattern stitches: her kitty-cat lace motifs. Dorothy Reade adapted this design from a motif she saw in a Peruvian weaving. She loved the cat designs so much,.. read more →

A few notes about travelling alone

I just wrote this on Ravelry and decided it would be a good blog post. So here it is, without further revision (I’m tempted but I’m working on another post about knitting socks and this is a distraction of sorts)… I love traveling alone! I have been in several European countries on my own and.. read more →

FALL COLORS: Lithuanian National Costume

or, what is different and unique about Lithuanian knitting? This post is late, and so is my post about socks and stockings! But I’ve been in Geneva knitting and spinning and writing and exploring flea markets and working on things for my day job, and best of all, hanging with friends. So I’m not apologizing… read more →

FALL COLORS: An Interlude in Pictures…

Plus a quick look at Successful Lace Knitting reviews. M. Poller: Rating Donna discovered the little known pioneering work of Dorothy Reade in the field of lace knitting patterns. Dorothy developed her own charting system for lace patterns using mainly just 10 symbols. Her first book published in 1968 was spiral bound with 25 original designs.. read more →