Black Purl Magazine: Finding My Roots

My grandmother taught me how to knit before I learned how to read. I’ve read voraciously for my whole life, but I didn’t keep knitting as I grew up. Every year, it seemed, I learned a new craft and left the others behind. Knitting came first, followed by crochet, embroidery, needlepoint, weaving, beading, decoupage, and candle making. read more →

SUMMER OF LACE: Filigree Diamonds Afghan by Deborah Robson

Deborah Robson has been working with textiles since before she could read. She spins, weaves, knits, crochets, and otherwise finds endless intrigue in the numbers of things you can do with fiber, and the multitude of ways in which you can manipulate it. read more →

SUMMER OF LACE: Revelry in Bloom Top by L’Tanya Durante

My project was inspired by the Indian tunic, with its richly embroidered yoke and hemline. read more →

FALL COLORS: Knitting Shops in Vilnius II

This is currently my favorite yarn shop in Vilnius. read more →

FALL COLORS: Knitting Shops in Vilnius

Knitting Shops in Vilnius, Lithuania read more →

FALL COLORS: Lithuanian History

As fall begins – here in Lithuania anyway – I am determined to spend more time writing, less time roaming the streets. I’m sure the weather will cooperate in furthering this plan. And while I am in Lithuania, what better to write about than history? And where better to begin than at the beginning? The beginning of what? Of my attempt to understand. read more →

New article in Sockupied

I have a cool project and an article in the new issue of Sockupied (Spring 2012). Inspired by the inner socks worn by Albanian men in the early twentieth century, these start with and unusual swirl toe. They get a modern twiest with the use of soft merino yarn, patterning on the instep, and the Kitchener.. read more →

Going on a trip (TNNA) 2007

This is an old blog post from our visit to TNNA in San Diego, CA 2007.  Donna will be attending the TNNA conference in Phoenix, AZ in early 2012. ————– Sunday, January 07, 2007 Hi Everyone. Dom and I are going on a trip next week. We’re visiting San Diego, where we lived from 1989.. read more →

What do you love?

Here are two semi-related notes about things I love. I hope it gets you thinking about what you love and that you’ll spend time indulging those passions this summer. I love making things, traveling, learning, and teaching. And for me, these all come together in my love of books. I have a confession to make:.. read more →

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