Thoughts on Islamic Art and Knitting

What Do You See in a Circle? Here are some of my thoughts that didn’t make it into Stories In Stitches 4. I wanted to make this into a longer essay, but I didn’t have time to gather my thoughts in a more structured way, so I decided not to include this as an essay. For a.. read more →

Summer Sock KAL 2b: Cuff Down

Don’t miss the Summer Sock KAL with projects from Stories In Stitches 3! More About Heels and Toes So, what happens after you knit the heel? You started your sock working in the round, then you knit the heel back and forth. When you’re done you need to get back to working in the round again… read more →

High and Low-tech Knitting

The idea of slow knitting is what initially led me to this book. “It’s not what you think it is,” we’re told at the beginning of this chapter. read more →

FALL COLORS: Lithuanian Wool

The first thing you will probably notice when you visit Vilnius yarn shops is how many of the yarns and brands you recognize. read more →

Reading Aloud from Stories In Stitches 2

If you’re not in the New Years Pi Shawl KAL yet, join in on my Ravelry group or Google+ community so you can listen to me read aloud from Stories In Stitches 2. I’ll be starting to post the recordings this week. Ravelry Google+   read more →

A self published knitting book comes together

Taking the photographs for a knitting book is as important as making the samples and doing the writing. For Stories In Stitches™ 2, we had three different locations. The Anna Marie Jensen shawls and doilies were shot in Colorado by Ava’s husband, Rich. The cardigan and pi shawl featuring Dorothy Reade’s motifs were shot in.. read more →

Successful Lace Knitting Month: Favorite Books

Here is a list of knitting books by authors other than me that can take you on an armchair tour of the world. Even if you don’t plant to knit lace in all of these styles, you will enjoy the history and stories about the knitters and their traditions. They’re not all in English, but they all include lots of photos and charts. read more →

How to read a knitting book

Finally, it was clear that… I wasn’t going to knit three projects from each knitting book I bought before buying another, but I was going to be learning a lot from each book. read more →

Random thoughts

I am taking the day off. I am sitting on the couch with the windows open drinking coffee and, basically, doing nothing but thinking. So I figure, why not capture some thoughts and see what happens? What’s on my mind is the phrase “beautifully decrepit” that I mentioned in another recent post. I’m thinking about.. read more →

At the beginning…

At the beginning. That’s where I am once again. At the beginning one requires field guides, without which one is wandering aimlessly, blind and ignorant. There is a bit one can learn merely from observing the newness, and this in itself is not bad. But to go deeper, to find out how one’s own ideas.. read more →

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