Extended blog post of interest about knitting and writing.


Knitting in Lithuania’s ethnographical regions

Even though Lithuania is a relatively small country, about the same size as West Virginia, it has five ethnographic regions. Each region has a unique natural environment and historical economic base, the people speak a distinct dialect, and – most importantly to us – there were interesting differences in traditional knitting patterns and clothing styles […]


Thoughts on Islamic Art and Knitting

What Do You See in a Circle? Here are some of my thoughts that didn’t make it into Stories In Stitches 4. I wanted to make this into a longer essay, but I didn’t have time to gather my thoughts in a more structured way, so I decided not to include this as an essay. For a […]


Summer Sock KAL 2b: Cuff Down

Don’t miss the Summer Sock KAL with projects from Stories In Stitches 3! More About Heels and Toes So, what happens after you knit the heel? You started your sock working in the round, then you knit the heel back and forth. When you’re done you need to get back to working in the round again. […]