Lesson: Crochet Bobbles

I find that its easier and faster to make bobbles with a crochet hook than by knitting back-and-forth on three-or-four stitches in the more conventional bobble. I also like the shape of the crochet bobble better. It is rounder and “puffier” than a conventional bobble. read more →

Free Pattern: Norwegian Bunny Headband

These cute bunnies are knit on a circular needle, so you don’t have to purl with two colors. read more →

Free Pattern: Traditional Headband

This headband is a quick knit that will provide an introduction to knitting with two colors read more →

Lithuanian Riesines (Wristers)

In the workshop we learned that wristers can be made with a single color of yarn or stripes, with contrasting beads all of one color. White beads were the most popular in Lithuania. read more →

Free Pattern: Easy Cable Scarf & Headband

This easy scarf and headband will give you practice making cables. It’s perfect for anyone needing a bit of warmth. read more →

Free Pattern: Cell Phone Case

Ever since I read Andean Folk Knits by Marcia Lewandowsky, I’ve been in love with the little colorful change purses that the women of the Andes knit. This is my version, using a little wave pattern, adapted as a cell phone case. read more →

Free Pattern: Gail’s Easy Cable Ski Cap

Here’s an easy cable ski cap that is dedicated to Gail, the former listmom of Knit-U and Knit Design. read more →

Free Pattern: Fingerless Gloves for Hand Health

These make good gifts, for friends, loved ones, or as donations to homeless shelters or any place that collects warm woolies for those in needs. read more →

Free Pattern: Easy Moss Stitch Shrug

I got the idea for this design when I went to the Denver Knitting Guild meeting last month. One of the discussion topics was charity knitting, and the group was looking for patterns for shrugs that they could knit. read more →

Free Pattern: 100 Meter Dash Hat

Here’s a quick hat that takes 1 ball of yarn with 100 meters (109 yards). You can probably make it in one evening. It took me about 90 minutes. read more →