Lesson: Single Crochet Edging

Working a single crochet edging along a piece of knitting is quite easy — if you already know how to crochet. read more →

Free Pattern: Two Dishrags

[print_link]   These dishrags or washcloths are so easy to knit, you can make several in one afternoon. Both are made diagonally, knitted from one point to another, in plain garter stitch. Yarn overs and simple decreases form the shaping. The blue version is made from plain cotton, with the increases worked right on the edge for.. read more →

Free Pattern: Ethnic Knitting Adventures Made in the USA

For those of us who live in the Western hemisphere, sumptuous fibers spun into luxurious yarns in faraway places touch our imaginations the way “Made in the USA” never can. read more →

Lesson: Sewing Seams

Alot of knitters are afraid of sewing seams, but it’s actually quite simple once you learn when to use each type of sewing technque. Here are the three that I use most frequently. read more →

Lesson: Knitting in the Round

Knitting in the round is quite easy, and many people love it so much they never knit back and forth once they try circular knitting. It eliminates the need to sew seems, which can be an added bonus if you don’t like finishing. read more →

Free Pattern: Garter Stitch Scarves and Origami Hat

This easy scarf and hat set makes a perfect gift for someone homeless, or anyone needing an extra bit of warmth on a cold winter day. read more →

How much will your knitting shrink?

Pieces knitted in stockinette stitch will shrink more in length than in width during felting. To calculate how much your piece will shrink, knit a good-sized swatch and use this table to “do the math.”
read more →

Lesson: Twisted stitches

Have you ever seen the instruction ktbl or k2tog-tbl (knit through the back loop) and wonder what, exactly “tbl” means? Ktbl stands for “knit through back loop.” Just as “pick up” and “pick up and knit” are somewhat confusing terminology, “knit through the back loop” can also be confusing, because each knit stitch has only one loop on the needle. read more →

Free Pattern: Easy-Eyes for carry-around-knitting

This is the perfect scarf for peaceful knitting. The stitch pattern is so simple, you’ll likely memorize it even before you start knitting. read more →

Free Pattern: Pink Baby Hat

I designed this adorable hat to make use of two skeins of yarn I had, one was Aran-weight wool, the other was a furry novelty yarn.
A friend of mine was having a baby,and the two skeins of yarn became the perfect gift. read more →

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