Free Ebook: Knitting as a Political Act

Just in time for anti-inauguration day, here’s my new free ebook, Knitting as a Political Act. It includes four of my polictially-motivated patterns, but It’s not just a pattern ebook, but a collection of ideas, tips, and activities you can use in your life to protest injustice and work for causes you believe in. People knit for […]


Free Pattern: Resistance Hat

Resist Hat Resist racism, resist xenophobia, resist sexism, resist hate of all kinds. Wear this hat to proclaim that we are the resistance! The diagonal motif is based on the American symbol for a resistor in electronics. This can go in the St st portion of Pussyhats … or you can make a plain hat with […]


Singing (and Knitting) as a Political Act

This week I’ve been thinking about diversity, xenophobia, empire, nationalism, genealogy, and family history. How can we embrace each other even though we are different? How can we all be Americans and work together to make a better world for the future? How can we embrace our pasts, live with love in the present, and plan […]


Knitting as a Political Act

I’m working on a list of how we can do what I am going to call “Knitting as a Political Act” (ht to Rick Steves). I’m talking about using our knitting as a subversive, activist, protest. Here are some of my ideas. I’d love to hear yours in the comments. (I’m not talking about charity […]


Free Knitty Pattern: Japan Style

I’ve been obsessed with Japanese knitting for a few years now. And clearly, I’m not alone. Classes on understanding Japanese knitting patterns are among my most popular workshops. I can’t stop admiring (and buying) Japanese knitting books.