Knitting as a Political Act

I’m working on a list of how we can do what I am going to call “Knitting as a Political Act” (ht to Rick Steves). I’m talking about using our knitting as a subversive, activist, protest. Here are some of my ideas. I’d love to hear yours in the comments. (I’m not talking about charity.. read more →

Free Knitty Pattern: Japan Style

I’ve been obsessed with Japanese knitting for a few years now. And clearly, I’m not alone. Classes on understanding Japanese knitting patterns are among my most popular workshops. I can’t stop admiring (and buying) Japanese knitting books. read more →

Free Pattern: Did Lace Knitting Originate in Spain?

Some knitting traditions are famous around the world, while others, just as interesting and beautiful, are less celebrated outside of their local areas. Such is the case with knitting in Spain. read more →

Free Pattern: Ballet legwarmers

My nieces were visiting this weekend and I put together this pattern as they wanted something to keep their legs warm during the winter. read more →

Toy Knitting in WWII

A guest post by Rohn Strong Toy knitting is a tried and true tradition most knitters have experienced at least once in their career. I adore knitting toys. Ok, not really. The knitting can be fiddly. I mean, who wants to knit eight stitches in the round on double pointed needles for 12 inches just.. read more →

Happy Pi Day

  It’s Pi Day! And to celebrate, here’s the official formula for a pi shawl: CO 9 sts and join to knit in the round. Knit 1 rnd. (YO, k1) around—18 sts. Knit 3 rnds. (YO, k1) around—36 sts. Knit 6 rnds. (YO, k1) around—72 sts. Knit 12 rnds. (YO, k1) around—144 sts. Knit 24.. read more →

Sock Pattern Available: Toasty Toes

These socks, made with qiviut-blend sock yarn from Arctic Qiviut are the softest, warmest things that have ever touched my feet. With temperatures not rising above freezing for the last week here in Vermont, I was very tempted to start wearing them before I took photos or wove in the ends! The socks are knitted.. read more →

Free Pattern: Aunt Phebe’s Comfort Shawl

This pattern is very forgiving and you should not get stressed out over having an extra stitch! I had one a couple of times on my shawl, but I couldn’t find any mistakes after I finished knitting and examined the shawl. read more →

Free Pattern: Beaded Christmas Wrist Warmers

This pattern is inspired by the red, green, and white beaded wristwarmers made by Lithuanian knitters in the 19th century. read more →

Lesson: Double Knitting

Double knitting is a very easy technique to master, even though is sounds difficult and looks like magic. read more →

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