20 Jan 2005

Bundle-Up New Orleans Knitting Project

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Although Hurricane Katrina is now several months in the past, there are still many displaced people in need of extra warmth this winter. Here’s how you can continue to help!

I recently received an email from Ray Whiting of Bundle-Up New Orleans. He said, “After discussing the options for providing hats and scarves for the people here in New Orleans who lost everything in Katrina, we are forming a project called Bundle Up New Orleans, largely with members from the New Orleans Knitting Meetup and anyone else who wants to participate. After what Katrina did, finding winterwear hasn’t been a large priority, but now that winter is actually here, it needs to be done.”

Ray has posted details at http://www.knitivity.com. The site includes the basics, such as links to free patterns, tips about what types of yarns are acceptable, and instructions on how to package and where to ship your donations. More info will be added shortly as the project grows and partners and supporters are added.

This is a great way to help, because your donations go directly to the people of New Orleans. If you have time to knit, great! If not, you can also donate yarn and knitting supplies or cash.

Here are a couple of additional “Knitting for Katrina” sites:

  • Knit for Katrina. This site is collecting 7 to 9 inch knitted squares that will be made into blankets. Using worsted-weight yarn and a size 7 needle, you cast on 35 sts and make a square using any stitch pattern you like. You can also crochet squares. That’s all there is to it. They will sew the squares together into blankets, combining squares from many different knitters into one finished project. It’s a great way to help if you don’t have time to make larger projects.
  • Knitting Arts and Oprah’s Angel Network are working together to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. One big need is items for the home, because so many people lost everything. This site is collecting knitted and crocheted blankets, pillows, curtains, rugs, and other accessories. Knitting Arts will collect these items throughout the next few months while the homes are being constructed & then ship them to their contact at Oprah’s office.

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