Oh Nuts by Sheryl Thies

I like to make small projects. I like them in summer, when it’s too hot to have a big wooly sweater or afghan on my lap. I like them in fall and winter when I’m rushing to get something warm to put on my head or gifts to hand out to friends and family over the holidays. I like them all the time, to get a sense of accomplishment while I’m working on a shawl that may take a month, or even several months, to complete.

Right now I’m into hats. They’re about the easiest, quickest thing in the world to make. But they can also be fun, challenging, and exciting. I can usually finish one in a weekend, or at most a week if I’m really busy, because they’re knit in the round on a fairly short needle and there’s no need to fiddle with knitting back and forth or using double-pointed needles or magic loop, except for the last few rounds when you’re decreasing for the crown.

So, as I get ready to knit some hats this winter, I wanted to review a book that’s been sitting on my coffee table for far too long:

Knit Beanies: Easy to Make, Fun to Wear

Knit Beanies is a collection by many different designers compiled by Karen M. Burns and published by Martingale & Co. It’s available in paperback for $14.99 and as an ebook for $9.99 on Amazon, and I’m sure the print book is available at local bookstores and yarn shops, too. It’s got hats for babies, kids, women, and men. There are 20 patterns, and I bet if you started with this book next week, you could make each of them twice before Christmas or Hanukkah.

Here are a few that stand out to me, in order of the age of the wearer.

Chevron Color Pop by Jessica Anderson is a cute baby hat that is not pink or blue! (You can make an adult size, too. There are actually 5 sizes in the pattern.) It’s got stripes, ribbing and basic decreases on the crown. This is an excellent basic hat that can easily be customized just by changing the colors used.

Cat Hat by Violette Lovelace is one I had to include here because CAT EARS! It’s just adorable and to be honest, I would love to have one of these for myself. It’s made in chunky yarn and big needles, so it’s a quick knit. Although it only includes a child’s size, it’s easy enough that most knitters would be able to size it up for an adult without much trouble.

Parry by Violette Lovelace is the kind of hat my husband likes best. It’s big and slouchy and easy to wear, and it keeps your head and ears warm in the coldest weather. You can fold up the brim and pull the hat down farther on your head, or leave it long and slouchy.

Oh Nuts by Sheryl Thies is one of the hats that has little quirks that add personality and a challenge for a knitter who wants something more involved to knit. I love the way the  colors move in the textured pattern stitch and the acorn tassels are just whimsical enough to make it fun without being too goofy, for those of you who laughed when I said I wanted a cat ear hat for myself!

If you’re looking for some quick knits for this fall, or some last minute gift ideas, you really can’t go wrong with this book. Even though I can make up hats on a lark, I love having a selection of patterns like this for when I want to sit back, watch Netflix, and knit something just for fun.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the awesome review! I published the adult size pattern for the cat hat here – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/adult-cat-hat
    Glad you love the book!

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