Book not finished and frustrated.

I am so frustrated. My friend & coach, Cynthia Morris, devoted March to finish her book. I want to do that, but I have so much work: my day job, a big freelance project, teaching, and business tasks. I really want to finish. I’ve taken several blocks of time to work on it & have moved forward significantly, but am still not done. Can I block out April? If so, and I’m still not done, then what? Aaar

Book not finished and frustrated. 1
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  1. March and April! But that doesn’t mean I’m not working. There’s still a lot going on but it’s more consolidated.

    I have added a few more things on my March plate but still it’s fairly sparse project-wise. I have the fourth week in March for a writing retreat and hope to make a lot of progress there.

    Can you block out a week or a long weekend? My new coach has me working on the novel on Mondays. Could you start your week with even a half day of work on it?

    You can do it, Donna! You’re almost there!

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