Are you ready for your next package? Everything’s bundled up and packages will be in the mail starting tomorrow (Dec 2, 2019). This package has some very special yarn that we purchased from a small family business in Lithuania. The yarn is made from Lithuanian sheep wool and processed on machinery that is over 100 […]

Working with mohair yarn can be a challenge. Because the yarn is so fuzzy and the fibers are clingy, the yarn will stick to itself as you knit, making it almost impossible to rip out. If you do have to rip, slowly unknit the piece stitch by stitch, using a sharp scissor to separate the furry halo if it gets stuck together. But be careful not to cut the core of the yarn!

Hi. I have a small errata for the Butterfly mittens on the Butterfly Quilt and Butterfly Quilt 2 charts. The mittens will work out fine if you knit them exactly as in the pattern. But… technically, there should only be one plain row of knits on chart row 10 and one on chart row 20, […]