Although this month’s comfort shawl pattern (free pattern) is very easy to knit, working with mohair yarn can be a challenge. Because the yarn is so fuzzy and the fibers are clingy, the yarn will stick to itself as you knit, making it almost impossible to rip out. If you do have to rip, slowly unknit […]

I designed this shrug because I thought it would be a good garment to donate to women’s’ shelters. It is one-size fits all, so it’s great for donations when you don’t know the size of the recipient. It also is flattering on any figure, and even fits well during pregnancy. You can also make different […]

A close family friend passed away last week (Oct 2013). On the wall in my bedroom is a plaque she gave me when I was a little girl. As Mrs. Downs, she was our school nurse and as Aunt Phebe, an honorary part of our family. Besides my blood relatives, she was the single most […]

Guest designer Annie Modesitt has contributed this cute garter stitch dog jacket pattern. Annie is working on a book called Men Who Knit (and The Dogs Who Love Them…). Keep your eyes open for it at your local yarn shop later this year, but in the meantime, you can get a sneak peek on Annie’s […]

The availability of qiviut changes frequently. When I was  working on Arctic Lace, I was able to obtain yarn for knitting  and photos of fiber from only a few manufacturers. As we went to  press, the companies listed in the book as sources for qiviut sell it as  a raw material or in the form […]

Translated from this free German-language pattern by Donna Druchunas Knitted Bangles What an extravagant piece of jewelry for a good friend! And best of all, it’s homemade. The bracelets were elaborately knitted and sewn together, using a cardboard tube from a roll of carpet tape as a bracelet form. Materials Bouton d’Or “Gaia” (100% natural […]

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