02 May 2017

Yesterday a cop in Texas shot a 15 year old kid in the head and killed him. Jordan Edwards was in a car with friends as they were leaving a party. He was shot as they were driving away from the officer. There is no excuse. This is not an isolated incident.

This is MURDER. This is RACISM. This is BULLSHIT.

Make a Black Lives Matter hat with my free pattern and wear it every day. Make it your profile photo. Speak out against the systemic racism that is poisoning America.

Black Lives Matter 1I, perhaps, have a weird life and a weird family. But I prefer to think of myself as quintessentially American. I have cousins who are Black, Asian, Hispanic, and White. When I was a teenager, our household included two mothers (one black and one white) and four daughters (two black and two white). We called ourselves Sisters A, B, C, and D based on our birth order.

I still struggle with having white privilege and not doing all I can to oppose the systemic racism in our society. Many people confuse racism with prejudice. Prejudice is a personal attitude toward a person of a different ethnic background.

Systemic racism is “about the way racism is built into every level of our society. While few people today consider themselves racist, racism itself persists in our schools, offices, court system, police departments, and elsewhere.”

I made and wear this hat to support my sisters and cousins. Let’s all work together to make a better world.

Black Lives Matter 2

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