Build Your Crafty Business

I have and idea. / Photo Credit Pixabay

“I have an idea for a knitting business, but I don’t know how to get started.”

“I wrote half a crochet pattern book and now I’m stuck.”

“I finished a book draft but I don’t know if it’s ready for publication.”

“I’ve designed a collection of knitwear, but I don’t know how to sell enough patterns to make money.”

“I don’t know if I should work with a publisher or self publish my sewing patterns.”

Do any of these sound familiar?
If you said, “yes,” I can help you take your
crafty business to the next phase.

You have stories to tell, techniques to teach, and designs to share. Your creative vision is burning and you are passionate about sharing your expertise. You know there’s an audience for your work and you want more than anything to finish projects and share your creativity with the world. You want to open your doors and have customers waiting to get what you’re offering.

Working with me, you will do just that: one step at a time, you will find yourself moving from vague idea, to specific details, to completed projects, and a plan for getting your products out in the world. And you’ll figure out how to make money, too!

You can do it, and I want to help you.

You opened my eyes and created a deeper interest in the various pathways of knitting around the world. Talking with you was a turning point in my world. A warm realization that I do want to find some kind of expression through the avenue of knitting and writing.

— Brennan Murphy, String Theory Yarn

We can work together for 1 month to jump start your project, or if want a longer period of support, I offer 3 and 6 month packages. If you sign up for a quarterly or semi-annual package, you’ll get a discount.

  • You’ll get a monthly call-planning worksheet.
  • We’ll talk each month for 60 minutes on the phone or Skype.
  • I’ll send you homework assignments based on your goals, plus notes from each session.
  • I’ll review and comment on your homework each month to help you keep on track.
  • You’ll send me a weekly status report with any questions you have in email.

6 month package at
Pay What You Can pricing. 

I’m interested, tell me more.



  • 1 month: $350.
  • Three months: $900, payable at the beginning or three payments of $300 each.
  • Six months: $1500, payable at the beginning or six payments of $250 each.

How is it that I can get more feedback that is useful in pointing a direction for Blended Threads from a few emails with you than I got from 5 months working with a “pro”? You should do more of this sort of work for fiber artists. You are quite good at it!

— Bobbi Hayward, Blended Threads

I’m interested, tell me more.

My Experience

My passion for making things, and for the processes leading up to sharing creative projects with the world is what my work is all about.

In the late 1990s when I was employed as a technical writer, after working for four different companies over the course of a decade, I realized that I hated my career. One day while we were knitting at the LYS, my friend Kris asked me, “If you can write about how to replace a hard drive, can’t you write about how to knit things?” A light went off in my head and I began to see my way clear of the jobs I hated, into a world filled with fiber and friends who love the same things that I do. That simple question changed my life forever.

My years as a technical writer did not go to waste. The skills I learned writing about computer hardware and software carried over to the knitting world, writing patterns and developing books and videos to help you expand your skills and break free from the tyranny of patterns, the way I broke free of the tyranny of my cubicle. My goal is to to teach that one skill, to share that one story, or to ask that one question that will change your life forever.

I’ve written nine knitting books, worked with small, medium, and large publishers, and am now self publishing. I also write for popular knitting magazines, have designed for several yarn companies, and have worked professionally as an editor, tech editor, and translator. What I love best—besides my own creative writing—is helping other designers and authors reach their potential and see their dreams come true.

I’m interested, tell me more.


“Donna Druchunas has a deep, holistic view of the creative and practical processes involved in taking a knitting idea from the early kernel to the completed and marketable project, whether that book is primarily narrative or technical. She’s both kind and bluntly honest: a combination of traits that make her a valuable ally and guide.”

— Deb Robson, author of The Fleece and Fiber Source Book and The Field Guide to Fleece

Donna and Anne“If you are serious about a writing project, that is the first step. But what if you don’t know how to get it edited, published, marketed, and into customer’s hands? Donna Druchanas has done it all, and she knows how to get stuff done. And, she can teach you how to do it, too. Bringing a book to life is a long, hard slog, and having Donna at your back is extremely reassuring at every step of the process. There is no one better to guide you on the journey of creating your book.”

— Anne Berk, author of Annetarsia Knits

6 month package at
Pay What You Can pricing. 

I’m interested, tell me more.