Bad Donna, distracted by Geneva & Rome

I’ve gotten off schedule. I was planning to write the following posts in September, but I find that it is now October and they haven’t been written yet. So they will be coming up in the next 2 weeks, and I will be writing every day, posting almost every day.


  • 3: Beaded Wrist Warmers (I’m taking a workshop today!)
  • 5: Socks and stockings
  • 7: Mittens and gloves
  • 9: Lithuanian National Costume, part 2
  • 11: Linen
  • 13: Nature

I also want to squeeze in a couple of posts about Lithuanian knitters, knitting books, and knitting techniques.

Then I will be leaving Lithuania and spending 1 week in England before returning home. Wow, the summer has gone so quickly I can hardly believe it. Last I remember, I was anticipating this trip. Recently I’ve been homesick. Now I’m sitting here wondering how it can almost be over already, deciding what last things I need to squeeze in before I depart.

I think it’s time to find my copy of The Graceful Return by Cynthia Morris.

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