23 Feb 2013

I keep hoping to get back to blogging. I’m going to try two things next month:

  • First, I’ve signed up for a month-long Free Write Fling with my friend and coach Cynthia Morris, where I will spend 15 minutes going gangbusters writing every day in March. I usually do this in my notebook but for this month, I will post my freewrites on this blog to share with you. I may miss a few days, but being part of the Fling group will make me embarrassed if I miss too many!
Back to Blogging? 1

I love writing wherever I go, and this is me in Manchester, England in 2010 taking a break to jot down some notes. I always find my thoughts become more interesting as I slow down enough to try to capture some of them.

  • Second, I am going to do photo journaling and photo essays. I’ve been playing around a lot on Pinterest and Instagram lately, and I always post a lot of photos on my Facebook page. I’m going to start writing a little more about each photo and sharing them here, then linking them to these other sites. That way I can get to write a tiny bit PLUS share great pictures.
Back to Blogging? 2

This is a photo from my new class series and pattern line, Stories in Stitches. I am working on this with a partner, Ava Coleman, who is a historian, writer, and lace knitter extraordinaire. I will also be telling shorter stories here, as photo essays that go with each publication and class.

I’m also sending out newsletters more regularly again (I missed a couple of months over the holidays and while traveling to teach), and will be featuring free patterns, videos, coupons, news, and more, so sign up for my mailing list if you haven’t already because those bonuses are not sent out any other way.

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