Knitting and writing

I feel so good that I’m getting work done on my book! Finished one sock, knitted the cuff on the second. Now time to get some writing done before I go to sleep. Did some really interesting stuff today and hope to blog about it tomorrow. Got some cool photos & videos too! read more →

EuroDonna is alive and well!

EuroDonna here, at home and happy in Manchester, England and getting ramped up for our first real day of the trip. It took just about two entire days to get here and settle in. Don’t ask. But we left our house Tuesday morning at 8, and by Wednesday evening we were here, checked into our.. read more →

Interesting note about song lyrics

I’ve been listening to the CD “Live at Eddie’s Attic” by The Civil Wars lately. The haunting melodies and harmonies have been playing in my head since I first heard the band’s duet version of Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love” at our favorite local coffee shop a couple of weeks ago… read more →

Lithuania on my mind again

As I am getting ready for my trip to Europe, Lithuania is filling my mind again. I’m looking at my photos, reading history books, fondling yarn and knitted pieces, looking for a flat to rent, and dreaming of the streets of Vilnius. Although I will also be spending time in England, Scotland, and Geneva, and.. read more →

Have you any organic wool?

Have You Any Organic Wool? by Donna Druchunas (Email me) (Sources for eco-friendly fleeces and yarns are posted at the bottom) What could be more natural than wool? Many people assume that wool is organic because it is a natural fiber. Some use the term organic informally, referring to wool that is not processed with.. read more →

Black Purl Magazine: Turkish Delight for Knitters

My interest in knitting has been kept alive over the years by the almost infinite variety of color, pattern, and texture that is found in collections of knitters and museums around the world. Although I love the smooth, quiet repetition of knitting a rectangular scarf in garter stitch using a luxurious yarn, it is the endless diversity of technique and style that keeps me interested in knitting as more than a way to keep my hands busy while watching TV. read more →

Free Pattern: Black Purl Magazine: Lietuvos Riešines (Beaded Wrist Warmers) Pattern

These wrist warmers are inspired by Lithuanian beaded wristers that I saw on BritKnitCast website, hosted Carrie Anne Dennison, who attended Woolfest last year. read more →

Free Pattern: Gail’s Easy Cable Scarf

Here’s an easy cable scarf to match last month’s hat. Both are dedicated to Gail, the former listmom of Knit-U and Knit Design, who passed away suddenly after an illness. She will be missed by many knitters around the globe. read more →

People or Politics?

“But when the personal became political,  persons ceased to exist.  When persons cease to exist,  war is imminent.” I just came across this quote from Julius Lester in an article from the Summer 2000 issue of Whole Earth. It sums up my essay with an eloquence I can only hope to acheive as a writer. read more →

Charity knitting blog

Knitting for Change. Discussion: Building a Knitting Community. Knitters have a unique chance to build community and foster collaboration and friendship through our craft. This essay looks into the possibilities for using our needles and yarn toward those goals. Knitting Lesson 1: The Knit Stitch. In this lesson you will learn how to get stitches.. read more →