To clean or not to clean, that is the question

To clean or not to clean, that is the question. I’ve never been so disorganized in my entire life as I have since I’ve moved to Vermont. read more →

Diversity in the Fiber World – Guest Post

Hello all! For those of you who don’t know me, (which, I suspect will be many readers), I’m Sarah Dawn of Sarah Dawn Designs. I’m Toronto-based knitwear designer, and I’ve been in the knitwear design world for about a year now. Ok, but an obvious question, why am I writing a guest post on Donna’s.. read more →

How do you deal with the overwhelm?

It’s hard to remember that we are in this for the long haul. I just want it all to be over and everything to be roses. The reason I have hated politics for most of my life is that it pisses me off so much. I have never been good and having balanced or steady.. read more →

Resistance Update 6/23/17

What happened? I’m going to be blogging less for a while. I’m leaving next weekend for Lithuania and I’ll be gone for three weeks. After that, I’ll be sleeping for a week. So until August, here are some other places you can go for weekly resistance updates. I’m liking to the most recent update posts… read more →

Black Lives Matter to this White Woman

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be posting about race-related issues with links to some great reading and viewing material. I’m not any special kind of expert on these topics. And while I have had Black, Asian, and Latinx family members related to me by blood, marriage, and co-habitation, I definitely have.. read more →

Resistance Update 6/16/17

Alas, we are still resisting through the horrible realities of the Trump regime. What happened? The GOP is trying to slam a secret TrumpCare bill through the Senate. You need to be calling your Senators every day about this. (See below.) About 23,000,000 Americans would lose coverage over the House version of the plan. Of.. read more →

Celebrate Handmade with Maxcine DeGouttes

This year we journey together to explore our knitting roots and learn more about knitters and designers of many different backgrounds. As part of this project, I’ve created a series of guest posts to introduce you to designers who are women of color. In this post, the fifth post in the series, we meet Maxcine DeGouttes and learn about the  Kings County.. read more →

Black Lives Matter – In Knitting and Everywhere Else

My BLM Black Lives Matter hat is available for free on Ravelry. The chart is also included in the Knitting as a Political Act ebook. I, perhaps, have a weird life and a weird family. But I prefer to think of myself as quintessentially American. I have cousins who are Black, Asian, Hispanic, and White… read more →

Knitting: hobby or economic imperative?

In the Our Knitting Roots Book Club, we are reading about Orenburg Lace knitters. The topic reminded me of this article that I wrote in 2006, when my book Arctic Lace first came out. So many of the knitting traditions we celebrate today were created to enable women to make money. Knitting Softens the Impact.. read more →

Orenburg Wrap pattern

Learn about Russia and knit this Orenburg in Oregon wrap with me this month in Our Knitting Roots book club. It’s a quick and fun skill-building project. This wrap is my introduction to Orenburg lace from Russia. The techniques used are a combination of a traditional Orenburg lace border with an updated center motif designed by.. read more →