The knitting clock

The knitting clock makes a scarf in 365 days. Every passing half hour is marked by a knitting of a stitch. For those who have not seen this yet it’s pretty cool. read more →

Dana Stabenow is a tough Alaskan

I was also knitting, also taught at my mother’s knee. Looking back, I realize now that she must have been terrified that if she didn’t get me interested in something to do inside that I would be outside on deck. read more →

Denver Fiber Fiesta with Ava Coleman & Donna Druchunas

Ava Coleman and Donna Druchunas will teach together this year. We have developed some wonderful classes on Victorian knitting. The classes will be all day Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately, I already have something else booked for that Saturday. read more →

Free Pattern: Easy-Eyes for carry-around-knitting

This is the perfect scarf for peaceful knitting. The stitch pattern is so simple, you’ll likely memorize it even before you start knitting. read more →