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I am the technical editor for the Sheep to Shawl online courses. If you have any questions about something not working or don't understand the flow our the courses online, you can contact me on the contact page.

About the Northeast Kingdom

Visit the Natural Beauty of the NEK Nestled between the Green Mountains and the Connecticut River in northern Vermont, Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom offers breath-taking scenery, outstanding lodging and dining, ecotourism and agritourism, Vermont made products, a rich diversity of art, and recreational opportunities which have gained the Northeast Kingdom national and international recognition. Vermont’s Northeast […]

Resistance Update 8/22/2017

Resistance Update 8/22/2017 Last week I posted a general update after taking part of the summer off from these regular resistance blog posts. This week, I want to get back to the What Happened and What You Can Do Next format. What Happened The lists of what happened — the “not normal” things that are […]

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Sharing Your Knitting

Sharing Your Knitting If you’re new to charity and activist knitting, here are some ideas for finding welcoming homes for your hand-knit gifts. Your local yarn shop may have a charity knitting group or work with local charities. If you can’t find anything in your area, check out these national and international organizations: Afghans for […]

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The Granny Witches

I love this! — Send out your magic. Don’t be the last of your kind. We are the daughters of the Celts and the offspring of Druids and medieval mavens and the natives of the old world craft. And yes, God knows your name. Tell your tales and bewitch history, just like the mother mountains […]

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Needles the old way

Did you know that in the old way of sizing knitting needles, the bigger the number, the smaller the needle was? Size 26 was like today’s 8/0 (.5mm). If you want to learn about Victorian era knitting, check out Stories In Stitches 5, our first in the series about knitting during the U.S. Civil War, […]

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Knitting and crafts in Šiauliai, Lithuania

Check out these fabulous photos of knitting and crafts in Šiauliai, Lithuania and be inspired! My Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions books are en-route to the USA and ready to set up shipping from the UK and Lithuania as well. October is going to be busy for my local post office! Tons more great photos from […]

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Make a fall sweater with me

Are you going to knit a Mary Maxim sweater with me this fall? If so, why not take my Next Steps In Fair Isle class first and get some practice with a cool caribou motif on a hat or mittens? All the Craftsy colorwork classes are on sale this weekend. Let’s get ready for fall! […]

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