Arctic Lace Book Interview

[one_half]Recently I was interviewd by Craft magazine. We talk about my exprience in creating and writing my Arctic Lace book. Check out the interview here.

The new book, “Arctic Lace” by Donna Druchunas is an inspiring history + knitting book documenting the lives of Alaska’s Native Knitters. I never knew about the the rich history of knitting that Alaskan women had, until I read this book. As a reader, you are immediately introduced into the world of the Oomingmak Musk Ox Producers’ Co-operative in Anchorage, Alaska where kntting traditions and the fibers of the musk ox inspire their lace work. The patterns created by Donna in this book are amazing and were inspired by the the detailed handiwork of the women knitters she met while researching this book in Alaska. Donna’s writing style pulls you in and you realize you can’t put this book down. No other craft book I’ve read can touch your heart so deeply as the stories that are in “Arctic Lace”. More here.







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