Aran Sweaters in America

Aran Sweaters in America 2
One of the Aran sweaters my grandmother made in the 1970s

At its simplest, an Aran sweater is a heavily textured garment, decorated with combinations of stitch patterns that most often emphasize intricate cable patterning, sometimes also embellished with bobbles, and frequently worked in creamy or white yarn. This type of patterning, especially when constructed in a natural white, brings the word “Aran” to the experienced knitter’s consciousness. That said, similar patterning worked in yarns of other colors is equally “Aran,” although certainly cables and bobbles show up best in the light-colored yarns that are most readily associated with the tradition.

The style originated in the early twentieth century as a localized interpretation of the fisherman’s gansey. This much we do know.

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Aran Sweaters in America 3







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