After Chart B on Raupen Wrap

There were a couple of questions on Ravelry about working Chart B and the Beads and Buds section after that, so I’m posting this here in case anyone else has the same question.

After you finish chart A, you will work Chart B (with 4 garter sts at each end and in the center) until all rows of Chart B have been worked twice.  So you work rows 1-8 of chart B, then start over on row 1 and you will have to repeat the box section more than once because you’ll have more stitches on the second time you knit those rows.

Then after that, the center 4 sts go away.

To set up the Beads and Buds, you work this row:

K4, sm, work Chart C, pm, k3, (k2, bead-k1, k1) across to 3 sts before last marker (removing the center 2 markers when you come to them), k3, pm, work Chart C, sm, k4—4 sts increased.

The bold part goes all the way across between the chart C sections and when you get to those center 2 markers, just take them out and keep going as written in the bold section. You’re placing a marker at the beginning and end of this Beads and Buds section instead. But they’re not near the center.

Chart C is those “corner” triangles that are just beginning as you work the Beads and Buds. The Chart C corners continue up to the border.

Hope this helps!


After Chart B on Raupen Wrap 1

Click on this version to zoom in for more detail.

After Chart B on Raupen Wrap 2