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Donna TeachingHi all. I’m popping up from my writing for a few minutes. My Lithuanian book is to the point where I am doing the final assembly of the manuscript and keying images to the text, then I send it all to my editor. I’ve never finished a book without starting the next one already. But this time, I just can’t decide what I want to do next. Here are some ideas lurking in the corners of my mind:

  • Big Needle Lace: 12 projects for gift knitting
  • Successful Lace Knitting 2: more about Dorothy Reade, circular lace motifs, and some cables thrown in for good measure
  • Treasures from Grandma’s Closet: recreations of vintage designs my Grandma made
  • A book about socks from around Eastern Europe
  • Another Lithuanian knitting book featuring reproductions of items in a specific museum collection
  • A nonfiction book about my travels in Lithuania (not a knitting book)
  • A memoir called Breaking up with Jesus: half done and on hold
  • I also have ideas for several novels

There are other ideas in my “book idea” file, but these are the ones closest to the surface, ideas that are pinging me enough that they come to mind immediately. There’s so much material that I didn’t get to include in my book about Lithuania, that I am very tempted to write more about Lithuania before moving on to other knitting books. Or maybe I’ll get some knitters working on projects for other knitting books and in the meantime, I can continue to write about Lithuania.

So, I’ve been so busy with teaching, my day job, and writing my book and articles, that I’ve been neglecting my blog. That’s about to change. Once my book is finished, I’m hoping to get back to blogging at least one interesting article every week. I’m also inviting two other writers to join me here:

DomCDomC is my husband and business manager. He’s helping with a lot of the business management and technology here at Sheep to Shawl. He’s also my photographer. He’ll be sharing some peeks behind the scenes in what’s going on here. I am hoping this will be entertaining to you, as well as educational if you’re curious about what is involved with being a book author and knitting teacher. He might also give you a few glimpses at a new natural-dye gardening project we’ve got up our sleeves.
JelliDonutJelliDonut, aka Susan, is my new assistant. She’s helping with proof-reading, knitting, and all kinds of creative bits and pieces. She blogs about her own life and knitting, and is @JelliDonut on Twitter. Here’ she’ll be blogging about the workshops, knitting, and writing projects she’s helping me with. And she’ll no doubt drop a line now and again about her own knitting adventures.

I’ll be back to writing more about whatever’s on my mind. There’s no telling what that will be, which I hope is part of the charm of following my blog.

Thanks for sticking around during my slow blogging period. I’m hoping that you’ll hear from each of us at least once a week. And, of course, I’ll continue to post my short daily updates on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Thanks everyone. I’m totally ready to get this book to my publisher, because there is still so much to be done after the manuscript is finished: Drawings, photos, some more knitting, editing, page layout, and so forth.

    I want to write something completely different next time. So I may work on a novel or creative nonfiction book and a that 12-project biggie lace book cuz it’s kindof small.

  2. Congratulations, I am sure your book will be a success. Yes, so many things to choose from!

  3. So many decisions…

    Can’t wait to hear what you’ve decided.

  4. Interesting! I’d love to read your novels

  5. Thanks, Stacey. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe!

  6. Congrats on wrapping up your next book!
    Can’t wait to see what you do next… all of the choices sound so exciting :)

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