28 Apr 2010

Socks and more socks

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Last night I designed a pair of Albanian anklets based on socks I saw in the Edith Durham collection at the Bankfield museum in Halifax, England; several pairs I’ve seen on the internet; and the instructions in Ethnic Socks and Stockings by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. Now to the needles! (If you’re brave, ask me and I’ll upload my horrible design sketches. LOL)

Mary Edith Durham (December 8, 1863 – November 15, 1944) was a British traveller, artist and writer who became famous for her anthropological accounts of life in Albania in the early 20th century.

Edith Durham – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (click here)

Socks and more socks 1

I need to get Mac charting software and I am wondering if I should upgrade Knit Visualizer or look for something free. I really would like to chart on my iPad, actually.

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