27 Jan 2017

Let’s spend 2017 reading about the beautiful history, culture, and people from different places around the world, who have all come to America to add to our rich heritage and diverse society.

February’s research and knitting project for my 2017 theme: Our Knitting Roots. I’m starting in the Middle East, where knitting began.

I am going to re-read three books as part of the project, and I’ll put out a pattern for Syrian toe-up socks based on whatever I can find, which may be a combination of Turkish and Armenian knitting because so far I haven’t found anything on Syrian knitting. Sadly, whatever information may have survived in museums and with private owners has probably been destroyed recently. Of course, that is nothing compared with the tragedies of so many people being displaced and so many losing their lives. 

  • Reading/Knitting Book Club 1House of Stone, by Anthony Shadid, is of the best books I’ve ever read. I loved it so much I bought the ebook and the audio book.
  • Arab American is by one of my favorite authors, Gary Nabhan. Everything he’s written inspires me to write, make art, and be a better person. So you can’t lose with that combination, right?
  • On the knitting side, we can dive into Ethnic Socks and Stockings by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, which is the only reference on Middle Eastern and EasternEuropean toe-up sock techniques and patterns.

Reading/Knitting Book Club 2

What do you think? Shall we have a little reading/knitting club?

I think it will work like this:

  1. I’ll select a theme, design a project, and recommend a book or two to read. (I know, I couldn’t resist three this time, and I’m actually reading four but I figured that would be way to scary for some of you.)
  2. I’ll announce the theme and the reading selection(s) in my blog and newsletter.
  3. We’ll have discussions wherever you’re hanging out–in blog comments, on Facebook in the Compassionate Craftivists group, in my Ravelry group.
  4. I’ll publish the pattern as soon as it’s ready and we’ll have an informal KAL as we continue to read.

There won’t be a set schedule because I may not get to complete a new pattern every month or whatever… so I’ll just announce whenever we are starting the next thing.

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30 Responses to Reading/Knitting Book Club
  1. Great idea. I will look for these books in my library.

  2. Thank you. Already more important than when you first thought of the idea.

  3. This is such a great idea- thanks, Donna!

  4. I’m ready. Sounds fun.

  5. I already belong to 2 groups at my wonderful library — one is fiction, other is non-fiction. Plus my daughter always has a suggestion or 2 or 3. But will try to add another. Lucky I am retired and it is winter!

  6. This will be the 3rd book group for me — good thing I’m retired and it’s winter

  7. Fascinating. Ridiculously busy; I don’t expect to keep up, but the bibliography has great value to me.

  8. I’ve just joined your Rav group (not sure why I haven’t done it beforehand and look forward to the book club. Thanks!

  9. Sounds like a very interesting book club. I already got the ebook House of Stone based on your recommendation on Instagram. I’ll look for the other two as well. And looking forward to your pattern. Thanks for all the research and design work that you do. Doreen

  10. Have just joined your ravelry.com group as yarncrone. Am interested in joining the book club. Will be freer to keep

    up when I finish studying end of July, but will do my best now.

    BTW Are you aware of Anna Zilboorg’s “Fancy Feet: Traditional Knitting Patterns of Turkey”. (Lark Books:

    Asheville, North Carolina)(1994)

  11. Hi Donna,

    Please count me in on the book-club, It sounds like a wonderful adventure,

    • Hi Donna,

      I love to read historial information on knitting and other fiber crafts. So look forward to your Book Club, Please add me to your list.

  12. Donna,

    I replied under another comment so don’t know if you will see it. Please add me to your Book Club list. Looking forward to your reading suggestions.

  13. What a great idea! Count me in.

  14. How can you lose with knitting combined with books? I love the idea. Add me to the list and I’ll try to find the Ravelry group.

  15. I love this idea. Always looking for new authors to try.

  16. What a wonderful time for this! I am going to share the sign-up information with my knitting guild and my public-spirited knitting group too … Very much looking forward to your selections in the future! (February’s are most interesting.)

  17. I jusr got House of Stone and cannot wait! thank you so much. Linda M-T

  18. I just got House of Stone and cannot wait! Thank you so much. Linda M-T

  19. Please add me to the list of members.

  20. barbara anne bordner June 10, 2018 at 8:48 am

    Count me in. Lovely idea.

  21. I’d love to join if this group is still going on!

  22. Please add me to this group!

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