Inspiration: Marc Chagall

What does Socks that Rock yarn have in common with flying fish and Marc Chagall paintings? I combined all three influences into one pair of socks. I think this is the most interesting and unusual project I’ve ever designed. While the socks themselves have interesting shaping and a fun heel, it’s the sources of inspiration that really blew me away. 

Did you know that artist Marc Chagall was Jewish and that he was born in Belarus, which was part of Russia at the time? Many of his paintings illustrate the world of his childhood, with whimsical and surrealistic imagery. If he were a writer, he would probably have written stories like Italo Calvino or Gabriel García Márquez. 

Marc Chagall’s father was a fish monger, and one of the artist’s most frequent motifs is a fish flying through the air. Some of Chagall’s flying fish are so similar to the fish motif on a pair of socks in the Russian Ethnographic museum that I almost wonder if Chagall’s grandmother knit them.

Find out more in Stories In Stitches 3, and knit the socks inspired by Chagall’s fish paintings.